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  1. TommyG45

    MEP-003a in 120V setting connectivity question

    Hello Everyone, It's been some time since I have posted. I check in on you guys from time to time though. I just reciently acquired two MEP-003s. Actually more generator than I really needed but they were local and they are green so I just couldn't resist. Is it better to connect at 120V...
  2. TommyG45

    Heater NPT pipe size for valve

    Hey everyone, I asked this question in a post submitted by spentshell who was installing a heater, but I think it may have been lost in all the replies and responses. Does anyone who installed a heater know the NPT pipe thread size of the valve that hooks to the top radiator housing and WP on...
  3. TommyG45

    What do you have to do for your Deuce

    Well, here near Cleveland, we just got about three inches of snow, and once again, I have run out of time for good weather (not that we ever really get that here) Out of time and now have to work in the cold. Changing the priorities on the projects: (cost/time/investment/weather) Heater...
  4. TommyG45

    Aftermarket Cab Heater

    Hey all, with winter at hand, has anyone ever used any of these 24v cab heaters, or can suggest any? Tommy
  5. TommyG45

    Budd Wrench needed

    Hey all, I posted this up in the wanted section but do to timing, not sure how long it will take to be reviewed and approved. Does anyone have an extra gear type budd wrench for tire removal they may want to sell. This is for my deuce. Somebody who knows somebody who know of a guy will work...
  6. TommyG45

    Deuce brake adjustment TM

    Hey all, I took the TM for adjusting the brakes on a deuce and modified it a bit to include the instruction with the pictures, if your like me, your always going back and forth looking at the text, then referencing the diagram, then back to the text, then to the diagram.... This way here, the...
  7. TommyG45

    Would anyone be willing to donate a brake shoe for a deuce

    Hey all, I would like to experiment relining the brake shoes on the deuce instead of buying new shoes. I am going to purchase a lining replacement kit and rivets. Would anyone be willing to send me a junk one they may have laying around so I can experiment on. Play with different tooling and...
  8. TommyG45

    Antoher brake post

    Hey guys, I am pricing out a few items and thinking through doing the brakes on the Deuce. I discovered by reading a bunch of posts on here that brake linings are available. Fastened via rivets... It appears that some have actually replaced their linigs...
  9. TommyG45

    Master Cylinder help

    Hey all, I am wondering if someone can help me out with a little info. I was going through the brakes on the deuce and checking out the master cylinder. When I unbolted the access panel and looked in the hole, I noticed a brake line hanging in the breeze. After reading the TM, I think it is...
  10. TommyG45

    Replacing 9x20 NDT with regular truck tires

    Hey guys, I am looking for a little advice on replacement road tires for the deuce. I would very much like to remove the NDTs and replace with street truck tires, but after lookiing through many many threads on the site, here is what I am looking to do: The M35 will be driven mostly on the...
  11. TommyG45

    Current draw from batteries with Master switch off

    Guys, My deuce was sitting for a few days, and I noticed it didn't have a lot of crank left in the 6tls. It did start, I let it run for a few minutes ~ 15 or so. Couple of days later, no crank. I have since charged both batteries, 12 volts at a time. When I connected the batteries up, I...
  12. TommyG45

    Gladhands on rear of Deuce

    Hey all, Does anyone know if the glade hands on the rear end of the deuce are standard gladhands. If you can look at the attached URL, I want to hook up an air hose to the existing connector, is this the part I would order to hook up. TG
  13. TommyG45

    Cut wmo first 50/50 then centrifuge

    Hey all, On Friday I spoke with John @ dieselcraft concerning cutting the wmo first with gas or diesel to thin it out prior to running it through the centrifuge rather than heating to thin out the oil prior to cleaning. He told me that either way works just fine, the goal is to break the...
  14. TommyG45

    Oil / Gas mix to fuel deuce

    Hey all, I have read plenty of posts where individuals are mixing gas and used motor oil. Has anyone ever used Synthetic oil in the mixture? My Deuce just arrived last night, and I have been collecting used motor oil, but I have no idea if any of it is Synthetic oil. Does it matter? I will...
  15. TommyG45

    Oil filter adapter

    Has anyone had any long term experience with the oil filter adapter such as those listed in the classifides on SS. I was looking at filter replacements also, looks like a complete kit cost around 100 bucks from Memphis - includes fuel filter also. I have to believe for the price of the...
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