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  1. jrou111

    New from North AL

    Welcome. There are several AL folks here. BTW, I have a deuce for sale, but it's not bobbed. It'd be a good candidate though :D
  2. jrou111

    Dixie Division rally

    I'll be there Sat morning in my Deuce. :jumpin: It's gonna be cold too :grin:
  3. jrou111

    New guy from Alabama

    Welcome, I'm in Birmingham. Got a M1009 on 33x12.5x15's and a M35A2 on 46" XML's. The next closest MV meeting is at Tannehill State Park on Nov 5. Several of us will be there.
  4. jrou111

    How do those HF tow bars hold up?

    The HF tow bar doesn't start coming apart at 5,001lbs. IIRC, the M1009 weights 5200lbs. I've used mine to move my 6,900lb F-350 around in the backyard (which is dirt and gravel BTW) before. I'd be more concerned with stopping a 5,000 (or 5,200) load with only the towing vehicle's brakes.
  5. jrou111

    5 ton front bumper

    So I'm still curious as to how much a 5 ton bumper weights! :-?
  6. jrou111

    Possibly gov-loc issues

    If you pull the pin all the way out the top spider gear will rotate inside the housing with the side spider gears instead of turning on the axis of the pin. It makes it difficult to get lined back up. I busted my spider gears in my gov-lock, and recently replaced the carrier with an open...
  7. jrou111

    M1009 Brake question

    It's the hydroboost. When the motor is still cold so is the PS fluid. Since it's thicker when cold the pressure is higher in the hydroboost. Both my M1009 and my Ford do it when cold.
  8. jrou111

    Broke an axle, now what ?

    I'm in a similar situation as the OP. I think my gov-lock is going out because when I go to turn it will lock both rear wheels and then make a popping noise when I straighten back up. I have the $ to go with a 60/14, and I just want to upgrade to a 3.08 14SF 6 lug, since I don't want to have to...
  9. jrou111

    395 Super Singles

    I've had the tires rub the bed, but never had them contact each other. If you do it means that you've got a dogbone or some other suspension piece out of whack.
  10. jrou111

    North Alabama Convoy for GA Rally

    I may go, and if I do it'll be Fri. through Sun. too so I may convoy if it works out. If you don't want to take I-20 you can take Hwy 78 which is a beautiful drive but about 2 hours longer from my house. (Part of it runs through downtown ATL, which would be awesome to make some noise and smoke...
  11. jrou111

    New From Birmingham AL

    Welcome to the loony bin. I'm not too far from you in Hoover. If you need help bobbing your deuce let me know. Once you bob your deuce let me know and I'll want to see it. :D
  12. jrou111

    More pics and fun with square tube

    Yes, we found them all. It's never buried where you have to use digging tools to find. Usually it's in a stump, or under a pile of sticks. Yeah it was a cottonmouth. You can see the tire tracks from my truck that it didn't budge when I drove by...
  13. jrou111

    More pics and fun with square tube

    Sorry, I meant landowner's permission.
  14. jrou111

    More pics and fun with square tube

    It's public land. But the rules for geocaching are that you can't hide a cache on private land unless you have the landowner's permission. The tree was a rotten tree that came down during a storm a few months back. There were no signs of chainsaw or axe cuts at the trunk.
  15. jrou111

    More pics and fun with square tube

    I've been taking my M1009 out geocaching recently with some friends. It's a lot of stop-n-get out driving so I take the top off so folks can hop off the back. To make things easier for them, I welded up some square tubing to make a step that mounts to the rear shackle lift mount. It'll also come...
  16. jrou111

    Weekend at Wreckeman's

    Wish I could make it but have to work that morning. Plus as much fun as it'd be to watch Clinto work, I'm not much of a sit-a-round-er. Y'all have fun.
  17. jrou111

    Stacks possible?

    Sounds like the OP needs to read this thread: Diesel trucks-the ricers of the future. - Pirate4x4.Com Bulletin Board
  18. jrou111

    tops off

    I took my off last fall, but it's already too hot this year :( During the window where it would have been nice we had nothing but rain. Now it's too late.
  19. jrou111

    I towed a big boat with my m1009, that's the most you've towed?

    Can you guys quit whoring up my thread? Thanks.
  20. jrou111

    Got my 395's mounted (finally!)

    I just wanted to give an update. After putting a few miles on the tires they're starting to get smoother. I'm doing an indicated 60mph on the speedo/ 69mph on the GPS at 2600rpms.
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