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    What batteties are recomended for use in the 5 tons and deuces?

    Remember depending on what you need for starting in YOUR climate you can get by very easily with only two batteries in the 5 ton!
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    How not to treat your deuce

    WOW! Pure ignorance in its finest form!
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    M1078 abroad

    Plasa I have not been to Europe but your area is certainly beautiful! As far as your bent brake lines, sh-t happens and doing what your doing is the BEST TEACHER by far! I know it can be a total pain at times but for what your doing the lessons learned will not be forgotten and as you learn...
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    1944 Federal 606 C2 Wrecker

    Its a beautiful truck right now looks EXTREMELY business like! Congrats and look forward to watching your restoration!
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    WTB M916A1/M916A2 Freightliner

    I have an M920 that came out of a complete Military rebuild and the truck including winch paint interior is brand new, the truck has 1300 miles on it! my plan because I dont ever drive it is to sell it, I have never seen a nicer 920! Karl
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    57 Continental R6602 Recommended Fuel Octane

    Paul you need to lose the Ethanol right away but I am guessing you have already caused some problems! First off just about any older military truck with a gasoline engine in it was setup to run some pretty crappy fuel hence the very low compression ratios running your truck on regular octane...
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    Winch problem on a fire dept M54A2 5ton

    My very first question is did you read the manual on how to operate the winch PRIOR to this happening? Well what is done is done now just have to fix what happened! First off depending on what was in this winch as a shear pin could be very good for you, that is if the shear pin is a regulation...
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    Video section??

    If we can figure out a way to make it work well I am all for this addition!
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    Steel Soldiers, users age

    just turned 57
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    sticky winch engage

    I am guessing you are talking about an M35A2? If so these are a good reliable PTO driven winch that when used correctly give very good service. With the issues you are having the first thing I would do is to clean and lubricate everything as per the TM Lube order and see if that makes a...
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    11.00x20 tire chains

    If your looking for chains to just get you by until you find the correct ones you can use some shorter pieces of chain and just wrap them around the tire and through the wheel and bolt the chain together. Granted its a pile of short lengths of chain when your done but it will get you by until...
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    My HEMTT doing a little light work

    Gunzy thanks for sharing I did not run my 977 this year and I miss the sound of that Detroit at least I got to hear yours and it sounds GREAT!!!!! Karl
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    FLU419 road driving legal concerns and challenges?

    In ND I register my MV trucks all as farm vehicles the insc. is dirt cheap and my only limitation is that I cannot exceed 400 miles away from my property. This works for all trucks 2.5 ton and greater, smaller than that and the state does recognize them as trucks!
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    M718A1 Project

    Very unique model of Jeep! You certainly did it great justice with your restoration quality of work, very nice work and this is one to certainly be proud of!
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    Advice needed. Which genset for off grid?

    Guyfang that is about the unit! My exhaust comes out the top instead of the front but would say the measurements and weight are dead on, I know they put a hell of a pile of concrete in the hole for the base that its anchored to. I believe 15 years ago I paid just under 200K$ for the unit...
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    Advice needed. Which genset for off grid?

    I found a very reliable Caterpillar Genset it has a 200 gallon heated fuel tank its capable of a sustained 200 K power output it will supply both a 22000 sq ft office building and my house and the fuel burn is about 4.3 gallons per hour at a 70% load. The CAT dealer comes by twice a year to...
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    Tire Changing Fun?

    JD Military tires can be a little challenging sometimes! I have an M920 20 ton semi tractor and I converted all the tires/wheels over to HEMTT rims and 1600/20 tires I did all 9 tires in my shop just me and my tractor and I will tell you right now its all in the technique in how you work with...
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    Water Trucks... Mk23...

    That is a darned fine looking truck!
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    Hello from Ohio

    Is that a speaker box on the roof? Good looking truck!
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    1968 Mack M123A1C 10 ton Tank Transporter

    Congrats Jeff for finding a 123 that looks to be in pretty good shape I am guessing that sand spreader that was on its back was not used for SALT? The singles is a great solution for the over width issue that you have with duals. Your work on the truck is not only very timely but beautiful...
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