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    How do you torque the crank bolt properly?

    10.9 bolt x M16 max torque is somewhere around 250 ft. lbs. Here is a link to chart in Nm.
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    Towing an Off Road / Overland FMTV

    I don't know much about the new LMTV beyond what I read here in the forums and online. What are the big capability improvements they have over an M35A2? I am guessing it starts with: - equal carrying capacity - power steering - better turning radius - goes faster on the road - maybe better fuel...
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    Stuck M936

    I believe it is just a term. The front wheel drive on a deuce the actuating lever is labeled IN/OUT. In meaning front wheel drive is engaged.
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    Which tractors were used by the Air Force to pull nuclear missiles?

    Thanks to this I had to read all about just what a tokamak is and how one came to NJ...
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    Wrecker power divider propeller shaft CV joint failure.

    I wonder if a place like this could rebuild it. The Driveline Shop Had a 1990 Audi V8 which needed the driveshaft and CV joints rebuilt a ways back. This place did it no problem. That was an oddball car. Could be worth a call I guess.
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    Stuck high idle?

    Looks like an M35A3 which has a different engine. Totally different animal. Has to be a ton of info on that one here all over. It is a CAT 3116 I believe.
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    Hauling a m274 in Tacoma pickup bed

    Might fit in a 5' x 9' U-Haul motorcycle trailer. Cheap to rent I do it for motorcyles. Will likely have to plan a round trip with it though. Dimensions here
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    2-1/2 ton Rockwell case half

    Wow thanks for the explanation. Makes more sense now. Learned something. Gringeltaube again was way ahead of the rest of us. Hope someone has what you need.
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    2-1/2 ton Rockwell case half

    I have a whole center chunk. One of the spacers broke at some point in the past. The rest seems good. I wasn't about to press it apart to replace the spacer. No real use for it if the parts you need are in it. I stole the pinions ends off of it.
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    High Water Rescue Truck

    Nice work Dave
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    Chambersburg Pickup, Do they allow van trailers?

    I had two skids of tires and a lifting truck brought out of there this year. All arrived on a standard closed trailer. I swear someone said YRC was leaving a trailer there for LTL.
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    All you guys are amazing. Blows my mind the troubleshooting done thru this forum.
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    video of a deuce with air brakes

    Cost must have been the driver. The 5 ton from the same period had air brakes right? They must have decided the smaller truck did not need the braking system of the larger which likely cost more to install. This system is simple and has fewer components perhaps.
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    Deuce jacking procedure

    3/4 inch torque wrench if you want that 3/4 inch ratchet and or breaker bar 6' pipe for the breaker bar Lug socket and budd square socket. Combo might work but it did not for me. 3/4" extension I think 8" would be long enough. 3/4" Ingersoll impact gun with a 1/2" air hose should do it. Plenty...
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    video of a deuce with air brakes

    5 ton came with power steering or did they add that in?
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    Got my MEP-803 in today!

    This is a good point. It can become a disease - LOL!
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    Shock on suspension seat question

    Does your seat have a spring and a shock? If it has a spring that will provide the return. Some types of shock absorbers provide damping in both directions with a fluid port restriction. They do not rebound by themselves. Original Deuce front axle shocks are an example of this. I do not know if...
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    220v 3phase from MEP-003

    I can't tell you what to do here. Just what it looks like you need on the schematic. You need to set the generator to produce 3 phase. I don't have a MEP-8xx series so best to follow the manual to select the right output. Should be pretty straightforward. Also how you get your grounding is very...
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    220v 3phase from MEP-003

    3 phase should be 3 hot legs. I don't think the neutral would be required. Just a ground. Diagram looks like typical 3 phase connection to me. L1 L2 L3 Sounds like they are describing a buck boost transformer to raise the 208V to 220V. We have that problem at work. 208V 3 phase power but a lot...
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