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  1. DREDnot

    Has anyone seen this AWESOME spare tire rack system? Stumbled across this today. Looks like a great design. Well thought out.
  2. DREDnot

    Hood markings?

    Besides the obvious NSN, and rebuild/paint date, Does anyone know the significance of the other markings? And, what would have been changed under the blacked out spots? P000 ? C/C-E- ? PRES. ? WR ?
  3. DREDnot

    Flasher unit

    Does anyone have a source for a replacement flasher unit ? Part number 12418344 Out of an M1088A1 The few that popped up searching that number are out of stock
  4. DREDnot

    Transmission indicator flashes when shifting from forward to reverse

    I have a 1998 M1078 It had a no crank condition that I traced down to the pushbutton control pad. Got a used unit off ebay that now powered up and allowed the truck to start. If you shift to reverse, the trans engages and you back up. Shift to N fine Then when you shift to drive, the 7 flashes...
  5. DREDnot

    Vent line rubbing on CV boot

    Just something to look for during your next PMCS... Happened to find the vent line rubbing on the boot. The clamp was twisted too far down and the vent lie rubbed on the boot during turns and nearly wore through the line and the boot. I just loosened the clamp and twisted it the other way so it...
  6. DREDnot

    H1 viscous clutch fan retrofit

    Since I need to change out my stretched out wobbly belts and refurbish the cooling system, I was thinking about getting rid of the overly complicated hydraulic fan clutch system and replace it with a conventional viscous clutch. I still get annoyed when that loud assed thing kicks on. I read...
  7. DREDnot

    Aux starter solenoid mysteries

    Making progress on my M1078(A0) Frankenharness. Got power flowing. Warning buzzer fully functional.... Master power gets fuel solenoid to clunk. Trans control powers up with N-N showing. Pressing start switch clicks the relay but no crank. a couple months ago I Jumped the starter and it cranked...
  8. DREDnot

    Circuit Breakers

    Going through my PDP panel project and I cracked open one of the GI circuit breakers. Looks like they have seen better days. I think I'm gonna replace them with common BUSS type fuses. I was checking the -24P parts manual to see what amperage and how many of each and noticed item #77...
  9. DREDnot

    Fuel cap hole?

    I did a quick search here, and looked at the -24P and did not see anything that goes in this 1/4NPT hole in the fuel cap. Or is this cap not correct/original GI?
  10. DREDnot

    Securing Tool access door

    Member Wire Fox saw a pic of my unsecured tool access door in another thread and asked if I had issues with it flopping in the wind. The answer is yes. I was hoping to stumble across a set of the hold down rubber latches for less than 20 bucks each. They are the same as on the back of the...
  11. DREDnot

    Differences in VIM modules? (and other Trans harness questions)

    Im starting to piece together the trans wiring harness from the Frankenstein parts box. According to the TM, at the tail end of 20-5, I seem to have the TID 1 version of the transmission. Then there is this illustration... Im trying to figure out what VIM I need to go with and the...
  12. DREDnot

    No boat forum?

    My buddy just picked up a 2003 11 meter RHIB Spec Ops boat and we are trying to find manuals for it to get it up and running. Twin CAT 3126 450hp jet drives. [
  13. DREDnot

    Bumper Number/ chalk markings decode challenge

    Working on a friends M1078A0 and wondering what unit this was with. They wouldnt show in a pic, so I macpainted them in but they were legible with close inspection. Also most curious about the "DON'T RUN" and "FIRC" as we are trying to get it running and driving.
  14. DREDnot

    1998 M1078 A0 Wiring nightmare?

    My buddy has this M1078. Hes wanting my help to try to fix this. Looking for your thoughts on the severity of the damage...whats missing...reasoning behind this...Is there a down and dirty few circuits to get it running to move it...etc. Im going to start by downloading the TMs...
  15. DREDnot

    Solarizer system mounting questions

    Im finally getting around to replacing my solargizer system. The original was "de-milled" by cutting the wires just under the hood and removing the whole harness/box stuff. Im wondering if anyone has pics of the units as they were installed originally? If there was a standard routing for the...
  16. DREDnot

    What is this?

    What is this specifically? I scrolled the parts catalogs till I went blank...
  17. DREDnot

    Fiberglass Troop seat boards

    Has anybody seen a source for the fiberglass replacements? I want to replace my wood ones with the later fiberglass style. Ive searched the three NSN from the parts catalog with no luck. I see them offered with the whole frames, and kits, but there are none locally. They seem to be specific...
  18. DREDnot

    Nartron EESS yellow label...Good one to have?

    Ive searched around the archives for opinions on the durability this specific combo but no luck so far. Its a 1993 M998 6.5L 3spd. It currently cycles and starts perfectly with the normal 2 minute afterglow cycling. I'm wondering if this combo is weak and needing upgrade, or just fine/not a...
  19. DREDnot

    Bumper number decipher

    Alright. Finally got the elbow grease out to see what we see... I get 63rd Regional Support Command, 95th QuarterMaster ... Troop(?) Army Reserve Command of the SW region...(picked up in Yermo) DS (Direct Support?) 102 Also had these hood numbers... These were both H 19 near as I...
  20. DREDnot

    M1009 Speedo way off...FIXED.

    One of the minor annoyances since I bought this truck has been the incorrect speedo reading. I have stock axle ratios and 31 inch tires. Its way fast. Checked it with phone/GPS and it was 10MPH fast at 25 and got worse. 19 off at 50(reading 69) Did some searching on here and saw a lot of...
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