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  1. largeboar

    max HP out of a 465 multi fuel?

    It's all good!!!!
  2. largeboar

    Making a Deuce a (better) highway vehicle?

    Its a thing of beauty that must be appreciated for the rugged coolness of the experience. Get in the back seat GRAMPA!
  3. largeboar

    Making a Deuce a (better) highway vehicle?

    What a load of bull I Have a A2 That I bobbed and put 395's on it. I Then turned the fuel pressure up an drove 65 to 70 on the flats and only dropped down to 45 on the passes from Portland, Oregon to Hawk Springs, Wy with out a hick up. That was two years ago and I've put an additional 26000...
  4. largeboar

    max HP out of a 465 multi fuel?

    What an awesome thread!!!!!!! I was looking at replacing my 465 with a cummings but after reading this thread I really can see how the same money will get me a remanufactured engine with more horsepower and better reliability and keep the stock appearance. If I can get 40 more horsepower and not...
  5. largeboar

    Official Deuce Aftermarket Wheel Thread

    Those are really sharp.
  6. largeboar

    So I had this crazy idea, how about this for an engine for my A3...

    Pay no attention to the nay sayers on this site. If you look back in history all the great inovators heard the same comments. Imagine what theses guys would tell the Wright brothers.:beer:
  7. largeboar

    Has anyone used Rubatex for sound dampening?

    surely there has to be some kind of spray on foam that you could use
  8. largeboar

    Fathers Day Out

    looks like fun:beer:
  9. largeboar

    Classified Adds Suggestion

    Most of the classified are old and the items have already been sold. I have a truck listed that I sold and can't find how to remove the add. I've contacted many of the ad posters and they also had sold their inventory but couldn't find instructions on removing the add. why doesn't ss limit the...
  10. largeboar

    Posting to classifieds

    I log on and read the forums at least 4 times a week without making a post. Now I'm gonna be forced to waste the band width by making some rediculous observation or witless remark. This is gonna make alot of the really good threads a pain to read. I really hate wasting my time. Why didn't they...
  11. largeboar

    Utah - Smith & Edwards And Boyce

    Every time I go to smith and edwards it turns into an all day scavenger hunt [thumbzup]
  12. largeboar

    Military Fire Trucks

    I know your right! I already have two M45a2 firetrucks and don't need a third. I think the m35 series vehicles are far cooler than a vette or muscle car and have a tendency to become a real sickness. I would love to see this one find a home intact and haven't been able to muster the desire to...
  13. largeboar

    Military Fire Trucks

    A collection is worthless unless it has value. I like my collections to appreciate and be appreciated. Its good business. You can quote me on that if you like.
  14. largeboar

    Military Fire Trucks

    Oh and by the way this M45 is not only totally functional but has a factory 100gl foam tank as well as a larger air compressor than normal! A nice surprise when I picked it up.:twisted:
  15. largeboar

    Military Fire Trucks

    Just cause I paid 2500 for the truck in Las Vegas and drove it 1000 miles doesn't mean that the market value on the truck here in wyoming is 2500. In fact I own it and I'll do what I want with it. I only offered to sell or trade it in respect to collectors and people interested in keeping it a...
  16. largeboar

    M813 pros and cons

    I am looking at an M813 listed on ebay and was wondering how they perform without a turbo. Looking at the picture it looks like the intake goes directly from the breather to the intake manifold. I need something to pull a belly dump on the ranch and thought it might work. What do ya think?
  17. largeboar

    Anti Tank joke...

    Thats crazy, you'd think they'd be able to sind some goood cheap soviet surplus that'd be a lot more effective.
  18. largeboar

    GL price fixing?

    wake up and smell the roses!!!!! If you get a good deal you can bet your euc will be rejected. If you pay to much because GL used a shil bidder your euc will be miraculously approved. Just by controling whose EUC is submitted assures the outcome. GL will reject your EUC application 10 or 20...
  19. largeboar

    GL needs to change !

    Government liquidations needs to make their auctions easier to complete Euc's need to be a one time application and the auctions need to be better serviced ot we the citizens will hold DOD responsible. Contact your congresspersom or senator to complain about the GL auctions and the EUC...
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