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  1. EwaMarine

    Working on this AN/TSW-7A Mobile ATC tower for the Blue Angels show in Oct.

    The historical shots were out of the manual...but the cell phone shots were from this morning. The cab is on its jacks while on display on the museums flightline. The M-35 its mounted on normally is being painted. We havent decided if we should go plain 383 green or three tone NATO like it was...
  2. EwaMarine

    Need to find M-60A3 drivers instrument cluster and bracketry for a restoration

    We are restoring the interior of a A3 and need : Commanders Overide joystick, Gunners control yoke Drivers instrument cluster bracket and gauges. Anyone got any ideas where to find this stuff? Heres what we have now but in excess as we only needed one set. lol....
  3. EwaMarine

    M-60A3 runup....

    Today we are going to do a limited runup on our M-60A3!!! .....And she runs like crap...LOL...Ill post pics...
  4. EwaMarine

    Middle hood bumper?

    Cant seem to find the middle position rubber hood bumper for the M-998. Any Ideas? ANyone know where I can find one if these ?? The one on ours is disintegrated! Aloha from Barbers Point!
  5. EwaMarine

    Mercedes Sprinter van vs M-35 rear end...

    Mercedes van driver "fell asleep" at 40 mph into the rear of a parked M-35...The deuce axle rear left side seems bent now...all else was minor...
  6. EwaMarine

    School fair across the street from the museum supported with HMMWV display.

    Got called from the American Renaissance Academy across the street from the museum here at Kalaeloa Airport (former NAS Barbers Point) for a MV display...ading pics on next post. Aloha Brad
  7. EwaMarine

    Naval Air Museum Barbers airshow support

    Hickam needed help with static displays. So we partnered with our pals over at HMH-463 (The Pegasus) and the rigging team from 25th IDs CAB, to FLY our A-4E and UH-1H to the show!!...will post pics as I get more... Aloha Brad
  8. EwaMarine

    Saw this today....going to Schnitzer steel....:(

  9. EwaMarine

    Got offered a MEP-007A...for free...should I take it ? What are they used for?

    What are they used for? What should I be aware of ? What is the sustainability? The thing runs but wont idle.....thus the owner wants it gone....Wants me to come and get it. Seeking your guys advice! Id love to run the hangar on it part of the time here.. Heres the only pic I could find for...
  10. EwaMarine

    Recovered the last 5ton from Barbers Pt DRMO/GL today...

    Recovered the very last 5ton out of BP today.....kinda sad going over there...all the weeds are huge and the buildings will revert to hawaiian home lands which means its doomed to be a eco super site junkyard ..AHAHAHAHAHAHAH.....The rest of NAS Barbers is a example and historical...
  11. EwaMarine

    I want to rig a PLGR to a Tough book and use a RAMS mount to create a moving map....

    So what am I missing to make a ghetto FBCB2 or Blue Force tracker...I have: The PLGR, RT-1439, LS-671, and a KY-57 on a vanilla two level rack in the 998..... What else do I need? Heres our rack now....Any ideas ?
  12. EwaMarine

    Hawaii 5/0 SAS shoot.....

    1025 with the SAS team in Hawaii 5/0....
  13. EwaMarine

    Our museum M-113

  14. EwaMarine

    More film work at Honolulu airport for 5 0

  15. EwaMarine

    First Aid Kit types and what we carry in our vehicles here at Barbers Point Hawaii.

    We had one non MV related incident on our museum flightline a couple years back and were caught with our pants down. It turned out ok in the end but it lit a fire under our okoles (Hawaiian for asses) to get a decent first aid program going. We decided to adopt the US military theories of the...
  16. EwaMarine

    Interior gear for the M-998 here..

  17. EwaMarine

    Season 5 support with the HMMWV and M-925 for Hawaii Five O

    This was a SEAL insert/rear area loading scene...filmed on the state HIANG office told us they were going to CGI a UH-60...The woofer is "Harry"...he was not in the filming but he cruised with us to and from the set...
  18. EwaMarine

    M-113 APC and friends.

    We helped out a HS film project about Vietnam....Tet offensive response to Tan Son Nhut airbase short story. We did this for free and had a blast doing it!! Check it out:
  19. EwaMarine

    M901 ITV on Hawaii Five O..episode 21, season 4!! ALoha from AFG! lol

    Aloha from Oahu! Heres our M901 on H50...
  20. EwaMarine

    Hawaii Five O film work with my M998

    Wanted to share this for fun and show off our state! Aloha and Semper Fi!!We also brought the was dressed as a EOD extras in ACUs were all from Naval Air Museum Barbers Points volunteer wranglers. Uniforms were the museums...The 60 mounted on the roof was...
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