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  1. Stalwart

    Added a transfer switch yesterday

    So Dan (AN/ARC186) came over yesterday and orchestrated the proper addition of a transfer switch to our home. When we loose power it commonly can strech for a week or more so plugging in a fridge and the one of the gas furnaces isn't quite enough. So early yesterday afternoon Dan and I started...
  2. Stalwart

    M656 aluminum bed found - complete

    I have been contacted by a person who has an M656 that is undergoing a conversion to a work of art?!? :twisted: They have the bed removed, it has the proper folding seats in the doors and they need to move it ASAP. I'm told it is in really good condition but they are holding off scrapping it...
  3. Stalwart

    New video, low speed run

    My Scorpion tank giving a demonstration at the 2011 Arlington Fly-In. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself
  4. Stalwart

    Electronic (push button) M-series Light Switch

    OK, so I had a failure of the newer push button style blackout light switch. It has been acting up for some time, not always turning on the marker lights. At a recent event it failed in a "all lights on" condition. Upon internal inspection, 3 IC chips have overheated and burned, since the...
  5. Stalwart

    Cargo lashing hook question

    Any of you guys have these bolted to the bed of your Deuce? If so, what is the attaching bolt diameter? I plan to use stainless steel rivnuts and bolts and I need to buy more rivnuts of the correct size. I don't want to trust TNJ Murray to give me the correct hole dia., I trust you guys a...
  6. Stalwart

    HEMTT, gets to help make a new quad 50 gun truck

    Several members of the PSMVCC and EMVC got together to bring together a VERY early M35 (gasser) and a quad 50 trailer together to make a gun truck period correct for the Vietnam conflict. It isn't finished but they are on their way. The guy who owns the truck also has a half track with a quad...
  7. Stalwart

    HEMTT Update

    Well, another 140 mile drive today, still making me smile. We got our new sides back after painting and all that is left is to match the camo, that will have wait for warmer weather. The truck is dirty due to some wet weather but I should have a chance to wash it before the PNW Mini Meet on...
  8. Stalwart

    Next step for DMA251's old HEMTT

    As so many of you followed Damon's hard work restoring the M977, I thought some of you might like an update. Damon was happy with it being a flatbed because he was intending to haul a shelter around on it, heck he even bought one. As much as we like the shelter idea, my wife loved the one on...
  9. Stalwart

    Fun little HEMTT project

    Well, it's raining so it's now time to do a little maintenance I've been putting off. Being used to British vehicles that only stop leaking oil when they run out, I was accustomed to topping things up and the oil puddles on the floor. Hey, if they leak enough you don't have to change it right...
  10. Stalwart

    Cargo bed rope tie down points

    I've tried looking with various search terms and I'm probably using the wrong terminology but what do they call the bent round rod that is welded to our bed sides to affix the cargo cover ropes? I've tried various "tie down" or "tie-down" "bracket" to no avail. I'm having new aluminum bed...
  11. Stalwart

    Took the HEMTT out for a good run.

    We decided to carry on where Damon has left off in the HEMTT restoration. The bed sides we got with the truck, although somewhat fixable, are really just scrap metal best used as templates. Although I have the skills necessary for making new ones, I don't have a press brake with a 7' throat...
  12. Stalwart

    M656 gets a lift from it's MUCH younger brother

    I delivered my Ford M656 to it's new home 110 miles from here. It got a ride behind another Ford, just 39 years younger. It was sad to see the old girl go but I'm happy for its new owner, he seems to love it.
  13. Stalwart

    M656, XM 757 or XM791 help needed.

    I need help locating where on the M656 series trucks put their serial number on the frame. I've looked at the obvious places, sanded some paint off and used brake cleaner and a rag to look for numbers. I've spent most of my time around the passenger frame rail but I can't find a thing. Any ideas?
  14. Stalwart

    Happy new HEMTT owners

    To say I'm thrilled is a VAST understatement. We bought our truck from dma251 or Damon and he really did a fine job on this truck. Everyone in the family loves it and it is so drivable I would take it anywhere. :driver: Aside from having some new cargo sides made, I can't see changing...
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