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  1. skysix

    Front disc dust shield

    Have checked the TM's and they only show a single piece part. When several bolts holding the dually spacer to the disc and hub backed out, they trashed an inner dust shield. I can see no failed spot welds, is there another piece that is not pictured in the TM or is it a single piece made of two...
  2. skysix

    Mystery wire between buss bars

    Found this burned out wire while troubleshooting fusible links. Connects directly between the 24v buss bar and the ground buss bar. Doesn't appear to be a fusible link, maybe a capacitor? I am not great at reading automotive electrical schematics - I couldn't find it. So, what WAS it, what did...
  3. skysix


    Any problems with swapping a dual thermostat crossover from a 6.5? And what is the heater output thread, 1/2npt or??
  4. skysix

    Rear disc brakes

    I have seen a bunch of threads on the ElDorado rear disc ebrake conversion for the 14bolt, but am looking for something a little different. Unsuccessfully so far. What I would like to do is use the same rotors as the front D60, as well as 2 sets of calipers, so I would have a hydraulic parking...
  5. skysix

    Gen 2 mount problems etc

    Does anyone have a picture of the gen 2 mount, without the alternator in place. I just had mine seize and I think the bracket may be bent as the alternator pulley always seemed a little off square. Is there a piece of mount or something else missing? And isn't the idiot light switch on the...
  6. skysix

    Stryker / LAV tech data

    Anyone know what the wheel studs are? M21? Thread pitch? Wheel holes are 24mm.
  7. skysix

    Rear Spring Swap hints M1008/1028

    Anyone have tips on how to remove/replace the rear springs on a 1008/1028? Specifically how to access the nut on the forward end of the spring? The rest is easy... except for how to lift the new springpacks up by myself (9+K3500 overload+zerorate with K3500 3 leaf helper = almost 180#)...
  8. skysix

    Other boost options

    Has anyone tried two smaller turbo's (one per side) to reduce the turbo lag/get boost at lower RPM's? Or a blower - again for lower RPM power? Or a blower/turbo combo (with a wastegate natch)? Also curious as to how hard it is ($$) to safely prep engine for boost over 10 (safely) and where...
  9. skysix

    Low RPM Torque

    So... Has anyone tried a blower or a twin (one per manifold) small turbo setup? With a 10-11 PSI wastegate...
  10. skysix

    M1008 front spring swap Who has used the rear springs in front?

    OK - looked at search results but swaps were on M1009's and 52" springs... Has anybody mounted a set of rear M1008 springs up front on a M1008? if so: How long are they? (or how much longer than the stock front springs)? Did you use these...
  11. skysix

    Wiring gremlins...

    E-Brake light remains on all the time, seat belt light works only occasionally. Have checked all crimps/ends/connections and seem to be good, had to remove the seat belt buzzer (why on earth did these trucks have one anyway? You are tactical, get in and key the ignition and BZZZZZ!!!!) as it...
  12. skysix

    Stryker wheel pattern

    Just need some confirmation - Does anyone know what size the wheel studs are - M22x1.5 or M24x1.5? And what the pattern is (8x275mm with 225mm center hole?) Also looking for 2 inner rim halfs (Hutchinson 0420)
  13. skysix

    HELP - stranded in Petaluma CA

    *Petaluma* - clumsy fiingers! Was rebuilding my passenger side alternator - was being the operative word. The rear case is now cracked (badly) - my faullt while trying to remove the end bearing per TM's by pressing inward. Well, lightly tapping with a hammer and socket actually. Roadside...
  14. skysix

    D60 Front Disc Brake Upgrade

    My searching must be using wrong terms.. Looking for info on upgrades to the front D60 discs and calipers, want to mount 40" - 46" tires and increase GCVW to 22000 so I'm sure I will need better than OEM. The rims (16" Hutchinson) have a 15.2" inside diameter which I have to fit upgraded...
  15. skysix

    transmission swaps

    Anyone ever swapped in a ZF S6-650 (from a 2001-2006 GM/Chevy K2500/3500 with the 6.6L Duramax or 1999–2010 Ford Super Duty 250/350/450/550) for the TH400? Any tips? I'm guessing reworked transmission tunnel or a body lift might be needed...
  16. skysix

    Looking for a source for LAV parts

    Trying to find some wheels and/or parts: Hutchinson 0420 (16x9, 8 on 275mm bolt pattern (M22 or M24 IIRC), 16 x1/2" bolt aluminum beadlock) NSN 2530-01-527-8454 = Hutchinson # WI-0420 (inner portion, 2 needed, +4 wanted) -OR - NSN 2530-01-527-8456 = Hutchinson # WA-0420 (complete assembly, 2...
  17. skysix

    Front Detroits

    Searched but didn't find what I was looking for. Anyone run a Detroit in the front Dana 60 axle? How was it on/off road? in mud-vs-snow? on rainy/icy roads? Also, can the posi carrier from a M1031 have a Detroit Locker center section placed in it (see pics)?
  18. skysix

    Gen Light question

    Searched but did not find definitive answer. I read that the two gen lights are actually different bulbs. Presumably with different wattages? Resistance? What is the effect of using the same bulb in both, and what wattages are the G1 and G2 bulbs? In order to fit instruments in the dash I have...
  19. skysix

    seat back latch

    looked through the tm,s and searched - the pics show what I have, but there seems no way to assemble the latch on the bench seat to stop it from flipping forward - which I know is wrong. no spring shows up in the tm parts pics, and if assembled as shown the plastic cover prevents access to the...
  20. skysix

    drivers side turbo

    searched but couldn't find anyone who has written a thread on this - so..... Has anyone mounted the Sidewinder or any other turbo on the drivers side of the 6.2? Problems, details, pics?
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