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  1. Somemedic

    M60 Not Starting

    Gents.... This tank ain't mine but I've been helping wrench on. Veh ran until parked over 10 years ago. Old fuel has been removed, new batteries and fuel have been installed. Motor starts on ether and a cup of diesel poured into the intake. Accelerator to the floor on start, saw about...
  2. Somemedic

    No Electrical When Ignition Switch is On

    Was driving 5 he other day when I went to honk the horn and noticed the horn wasn't working. I saw the ignition switch was on but looked at the guages and saw the volt meter was dead... All guages were off... no horn or turn signals. It was like the switch was off. So now the truck will no...
  3. Somemedic

    Preppers/ BOBag Portable Radio

    Gents, Lookin for a portable world type radio in case of a SHTF/Zombie apocalypse sorta thing. Receive only is fine, performance and cost are the only factors. Lets keep it under $175. Ive seen a ton on Fleabay and know Grundig and Yaesu... the rest seem sketchy.
  4. Somemedic

    Source for Heater Motor

    Looked here: Saw this: eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices NAPA in my area says the 24v blower motor is discontinued. No one in the previous thread answered my...
  5. Somemedic

    Axle Hub Bearing... need a diagram

    Fellas, Im getting quite a bit of heat off my front hub. Replaced the caliper and pads since the old one seemed froze up. The hub spins somewhat by hand still but dont feel right. Ive had the truck 6yrs but never replace the bearings SO Im going to try it. The tm blow up diagram was hard to...
  6. Somemedic

    How to Fasten/Secure a 1008 Cargo Cover

    In my searching Ive seen a few pics of the twist locks that holds the vinyl cargo cover down but they surely arent drilled into the side of the bed. Let me run a scenario by you guys: I have a 1008 with a behind-the-cab tool box. I dont believe I can use the troop seats AND the tool box so Id...
  7. Somemedic

    No electric; Ignition Switch?

    Went to start the truck yesterday and in the middle of cranking it cut out like I flipped the ignition switch off. Now, the truck has no electrical power at all, like a fuse is blown. Batteries are tight, no obvious pops, burning smell, magic smoke, or wires hanging loose. At the same time I...
  8. Somemedic

    Rerouting Heater Core Inlet Hose After driving the blazer a bit (and in all fairness I may not have driven all the air out yet) it seems there isnt the heat that Im GONNA have flaming out of the ducts. Im on a quest and I will have my heat ( this life or...
  9. Somemedic

    CUCVs and Thermostats and Heat: Might Wanna Know This

    So... After 5 yrs of MV ownership theres a few things I thought I'd share with the class. The first mv was my daily driver M1009. Its also the first diesel Ive owned. I'll admit that I dont know all there is but Im a little further along than when I first started banging around this board. I...
  10. Somemedic

    M1009 Rear Seat Donor to Tired M1008 Bench

    Can I pull the bottom of the bench out of a 1009 and drop it in my 1008? The ends of the 1008 seat currently in my pick up must ve had an elephant sit on them. The springs dont spring very much. Otherwise i will look for a regular 40/60 out of a surburban or pick up. Just seems that 1009 rear...
  11. Somemedic

    Bleeding the Master Cyc

    I read through some old threads about the master cyclinder being bled and didnt recall doing this when I first rec the deuce from Shelby. I had bled the wheel cyclinders and noticed that the brakes seemed a little firmer (when i pick the truck up - months ago) but never did the MC. So when I...
  12. Somemedic

    When Adding a Muffler Do You Adjust the Valves?

    Had this discussion the other night in the chat lounge where the general consensus was "not necessary" but my friend who I consider versed with the motor says ANY back pressure placed a motor not initially set for a muffler would require a valve timing adjustment. So who is right? I agree the...
  13. Somemedic

    If Ever Stranded in Chicagoland...

    If your driving your baby in the NW Indiana or South Chicago area and you need a hand let me know. Got some tools and a tow bar. As long as Im not working I will see what I can do... Several guys in the area who are into the hobby as well. Mark 219 512 46788
  14. Somemedic

    Rubber Cord

    Where does one obtain the rubber cording for tying down the cargo cover and cab cover? Gotta source?
  15. Somemedic

    Just got some stuff, now what?

    Went to visit a friend of mine at a local city garage and he mentioned they had a wrecker and 2 dump trucks. They still had the radio mounts, antannae mounts, and the wiring. I asked and he said I could have it if I didnt short the truck out. So I will take a few pics tomorrow and show you...
  16. Somemedic

    Gladhand Shut Off Valve size

    I've consulted the manual to no avail. Is the 1/4 turn valve that shuts off the air to the emergency gladhand a regular, run of the mill 3/4" valve? Mine appears to be leaking. I will probably end up thrashing that whole assembly to replace it. Things that old don't want to come apart easy.
  17. Somemedic

    Whos got bow corners?

    Found some seats and now I'm looking for the bow kit. And please don't mention memphis.
  18. Somemedic

    Troop seat Stake dimensions

    Pg 354 - 360 shows what Im looking for but doesnt give dimensions on the height of the stakes or the height of the front cargo protective rack. Someone help a brother out?
  19. Somemedic

    WIF light/ WTS light seem to Flicker

    In the morning when I get in the blazer sometimes the Wait to Start light comes on, or flickers, or doesnt. I have a manual gP button I push anyway so its not a huge ordeal but the Water in Fuel light blinks simultaneously with it. If the road is rough or I slam the door they will also...
  20. Somemedic

    TH400 has Passed (mourning its passing)

    Cold weather and age have conspired to put me afoot in this miserable weather. The CUCV that I love is now immobile. I have a fella about a mile away who owns a shop says he will rebuild my own with a torque converter for a mere $875. How can I say no.... So I went to fire up the M35 to go tow...
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