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  1. Gear Report

    HMMWV pick-up in Albany, Ga headed to NC?

    Anyone headed by Albany with room for an M1165-A1 to be dropped in Central NC? EUC finally cleared after 21.7 weeks. In that time my original transporter became unavailable. TiA!
  2. Gear Report

    Tired of the EUC delay BS...

    I've had it with getting the run-around at GP and there being zero accountability in the EUC system. So, I sent the following to my Congressman. "Howdy Mark, I ask for your help getting government surplus property that was bought at auction and paid for 16 weeks ago released for pick up. This...
  3. Gear Report

    Serpentine belt for 1165-A1?

    Howdy folks! Do you know which serpentine belt is used on the 1165A1 with 6.5L turbo and 400A generator? I've dug through every TM I can find and can't find a definitive answer for trucks with a serial number over 300,000 (mine is 313,7xx). I found an older TM that specifies a belt for trucks...
  4. Gear Report

    Who wants their HMMWV featured?

    Every Wednesday we release a new episode of "Show us YOUR HMMWV!". You can see all episodes here: To be featured in a future episode send the following to 5-10 pictures of your HMMWV A link to download any...
  5. Gear Report

    IBIS Tek MASTC-C spare tire carrier mounting brackets?

    Does anyone have pictures and/or dimensions for the mounting bracket for the Ibis Tek MASTC-C spare tire carrier? The guy I'm getting this from is going to fab the brackets as part of our deal, but doesn't have a set to use as templates. Thanks!
  6. Gear Report

    M1045A2 with seized engine...

    It took nearly 2 weeks to get this war-weary USMC veteran running. We drained a few gallons of water (and a frog) from the engine. Found a really scary amount of rust and let it sit for several days to let my homebrew penetrating concoction break through the rust that kept the engine from...
  7. Gear Report

    What does the "Sensor, Air Charged Crankcase Depression Valve" do?

    Who can help me understand what the "25042462 Sensor, Air Charged Crankcase Depression Valve" does? Figure-7, Item 3 Crankcase Regulator Assy. in TM 9-2320-280-24P-2 HMMWV M998 series Parts vol 1 Mine leaks coolant. It is just a little drip that runs down from the top every few seconds. Since I...
  8. Gear Report

    Help! GL lost my EUC, closed my account and is trying to charge ME for it!

    Anyone have any tips for dealing with GovLiquidation screwing things up? Maybe an inside contact? Looks like they lost my EUC form for some HMMWV parts I bought in early April. They marked my transaction as "in default" and closed my account due to no EUC being submitted. Oddly, they never told...
  9. Gear Report

    X-door Supplemental Armor glass?

    Two of my 4 x-doors with supplemental armor have what looks like funk between the glass panes where water got in, then dried... leaving behind a bit of white-ish residue. Does anyone know if the glass can be taken apart, cleaned, then reassembled? Or an economical source of replacement glass...
  10. Gear Report

    4 man cargo cover bows dimensions?

    Planning to make a set of 4-man cargo cover bows. Anyone with the rear cargo cover willing to take a few measurements please? I've marked them on the attached diagram. -Height -width to center peak -total width -length of center spreader bar THANKS!
  11. Gear Report

    Budget HMMWV LED headlights review

    Howdy gang! I'm pretty pumped at finding these. Been using a set of Trucklite 07392 for a month. BRIGHT lights, but the fleabay seller said they were headlights... turns out they are single beam FLOOD lights from the lighting kits for bigger trucks. He removed them from the mounts and sold them...
  12. Gear Report

    Interior area of M998 / M1038 for paint or bedliner?

    What is the interior surface area of the 998/1038 trucks? An upcoming review on Gear Report will be application of a sound control and ceramic insulation coatings on the entire interior. The manufacturer asked "Please measure the application area we want to completely encapsulate the entire...
  13. Gear Report

    Trans fluid from HMMWV air cleaner?

    What can cause transmission fluid to leak from the air cleaner? 1987 M1038, 6.2, 3 speed When it first happened a few weeks ago I assumed it was the "transfer case vampire" and bypassed the t-case cooler loop. So, I know it can't be that. What else could it be? Also, no idea if related or...
  14. Gear Report

    anyone headed through Kentucky to North Carolina that can pick up a M1102 trailer?

    I would appreciate any ones help in moving a small utility trailer from Carter, Kentucky to anywhere near Burlington, NC. Have worked out a deal with the seller, but have to secure transport before we close the deal. Can't do that until I figure out how to get it home, lol. I can drive a bit...
  15. Gear Report

    What would you do differently?

    I won an IP auction on July 13th. The EUC & Hold Harmless were sent to IP immediately and show as "EUC filled on 7/13/16, EUC Status Submitted to TSC, pending approval" So, now I wait. Based on the EUC thread I am expecting no less than 16 weeks (maybe more since that will put me close to the...
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