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  1. Roller

    M37 Barn Find

    Yikes!!! Go back to square one and rewire that mess. Frank
  2. Roller

    Rear axle change.

    There are a pair of rebuilt 4.89 gears on the G503 forum right now. t
  3. Roller

    Rear axle change.

    You could also try Bob Stahl at Veteran Vehicles,, he specializes in gear swaps, rebuilding, and parts. Frank
  4. Roller

    Rear axle change.

    Installing 4.89 gears would be the easiest route. Everything would fit and you would get the mph you want. Frank
  5. Roller

    M37 head gasket

    Get the head resurfaced, .022 isn't that much. Frank
  6. Roller

    M37 Mystery Problem

    As stated above, check the compression. Frank
  7. Roller

    Transmission oil or Gear oil in transmission?

    GL 4 is what I have used, although GL5 could be used also. As I recall the syncros in the NP420 are aluminum not brass.
  8. Roller

    Transmission oil or Gear oil in transmission?

    I use 85w-90 gear oil. Frank
  9. Roller

    M37 Soft top and bows

    I believe they are construction holes used to position the sheet metal while forming. Nothing goes in the holes. Frank
  10. Roller

    M37 no power, good idle

    As stated above I think the accelerater piston is not working properly, worn throttle body or bad seal. Frank
  11. Roller

    Just had too. M37

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Roller

    DodgeM37 dot com Documents

    Nice website, good information. Frank
  13. Roller

    DodgeM37 dot com Documents

  14. Roller

    M37 Fluids

    Go to the Technical Manual section on this site and download the TM's for your truck. You will find the answers to your questions. Frank
  15. Roller

    Smoked a tranny.

    Sounds like its the parking brake dragging, that's my guess. Frank
  16. Roller

    m37 rod bearings ?

    Midwest Military or Vintage Power Wagons should have them. Frank
  17. Roller

    M37 engine swap

    I used a Dodge 360 with a NV4500 transmission, 5 speed with overdrive. I kept the original brakes and added a booster. Brakes properly adjusted and with the booster will put you through the windshield if stomped on! Frank
  18. Roller

    Questions for M37 4BT swap

    You could also look here.
  19. Roller

    Have you seen a M105 converted to gooseneck?

    Usually the ball for the gooseneck is slightly ahead of the rear axle. Frank
  20. Roller

    Two questions for you guys!

    split with a razor blade and installed, did not try to glue back together. Frank
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