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  1. ncduece

    radiator m35a2

    Hello could someone tell me if the gas engine trucks and the multifuel truck radiators Are the same? Thanks
  2. ncduece

    value of m49a2c Tank

    I just purchased a m49a2c and have no need for the tank bed. i understand these are made of stainless steel. just wondering what its value might be, sale vs scrap? i might be interested in trading.
  3. ncduece

    jcb backhoe from frankford delaware to 26619

    Hello i need a jcb 1700b backhoe moved from frankford delaware to exchange wv 26619. site were machine is located will assist with loading. please pm me with a price and when it can be done. thanks
  4. ncduece

    to destroy a m342 or not?

    I purchased a m342 a year or so ago. iI have been using it on my project in wv. the question i have for you guys is that that truck is starting to need quite a bit of up keep . i just replace the head gaskets, now the turbo is out and its loosing brake fluid, will need a new starter soon yada...
  5. ncduece

    engine gaskets

    where can i get engine gaskets like intake exhaust besides Memphis.
  6. ncduece

    what to do with this m342a2 dump

    ok i purchased this m342a2 sight unseen,and wanted some input on what i should do with this truck heres a run down of issues starts right up dump works fine but has blown head gasket spewing oil between the 2 heads? 2 rear springs have been overloaded and bent, both fenders are bondo queens...
  7. ncduece

    M342a2 dump question

    I JUST STARTED MESSING AROUND WITH THIS TRUCK. THE question i have is about the pto operation its got a duel output pto on it but theres no linkage to engage/ disengage it. this makes the hydraulic pump run the whole time. is this how its supposed to be? I would think you should be able to...
  8. ncduece

    need winch cable conector

    i broke my winch cable off right were it goes into the connector that attaches it to the chain and i cant get it apart, were can i get another one or another type that will work, i don't want to use the ubolt clamps if i can help it.......5/8 cable?
  9. ncduece

    5 ton winch on a deuce

    will a 5 ton winch fit on a deuce with out a lot of hassle?
  10. ncduece

    will a 5 ton lds intall to a deuce

    i understand the engine will go right in.The question i have will the clutch and pressure plate from the 5 ton mate right up to the deuce transmission? anything else i should know if i do this swap. how does the lds preform in a deuce?
  11. ncduece

    engine runs rough on start up

    my ldt 465 is hard to start and runs very rough on cold start up, it clears up after a minute or so engine runs great afterwards . changed fuel filers no difference. what should i look into first?
  12. ncduece

    tell me about this M342A2

    i just bought this truck but haven't seen it other than pictures, its supposed to run and was used by a township in pa to water some roads in summer for dust control, what the thing in the floor board? is that a hydraulic tank or valve for the dump bed, is that how they are usually set up...
  13. ncduece

    M342A2 dump truck from pa to wv

    hello can anyone move this truck from Clearfield, PA 16830 to wv 26619 please pm if you can
  14. ncduece

    camp lejune inspection

    going to lejune on Thursday if anyone wants something looked at,
  15. ncduece

    m818 straight pipe exhaust

    my muffler is rusted out and i got a price on a new muffler for over $400. anybody know of a place to get a better price? in the mean time im going to just straight pipe it. has anyone done this? how much louder is it?
  16. ncduece

    will n-14 cummins replace nhc-250

    i purchased a international truck that has a new n-14 cummins in it and was going to use it until i found out how much insurance cost. now im thinking about swapping the engine out with my nhc-250 in the m818, will it fit in? would it be a straight forward swap? i just want more pulling power up...
  17. ncduece

    5 ton pto value

    can you guys give me some guesstimates as to the value of a 5 ton pto with both front and rear outputs? i ts on a m54 i am going to part out, i looked at the one on my m818 its just a front out put so thought maybe its a little more rare? thanks
  18. ncduece

    why left front always leaks design flaw?

    just curious my trucks all seem to be prone to leaking gear oil on the left side front . one i just did a seal job on 1952 m35a2. i saw some steaks on the inside of the tire after a 400 mile run. my 87 m35a2cs is leaking also after i drove it the about the same distance. after studying it during...
  19. ncduece

    How slow do you go m818

    ive been doing alot of towing with m818 its the only five ton ive used to tow with. can you guys tell me how your speed is towing . ill post pictures of the tow i did a few months ago from Wilmington nc to west va 500 mile trip . its seems to take for ever to get up to speed. and some grades say...
  20. ncduece

    parting out m54a2w/w

    purchased this truck for the transfer case, and want to sell the rest of the parts, the engine runs its a lds 465 the fuel tank is in good shape, fuel pump is shot has good radiator good winch, drivers door great drivers fender great ect. please pm with need and offers. can ship
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