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  1. Stalwart

    Base X shelter won!

    If you go to the manufacturer you are gonna fall down and gasp at the price. Just sayin’ . . .
  2. Stalwart

    WSUCougarx's M561 Gama Goat Acquisition and Build Thread

    Hey Mike, during moving all my crap, I found 2 new tires for the GG, know anybody that needs some? They haven't been mounted and been stored away from the sun. Stuart
  3. Stalwart

    I am about to install a 5.3 gas burner

    On the civilian side AM General stopped offering a gasoline option after a very short period of time. The 5.7L 350 Chevrolet was unsuitable for the weight and demands of the truck. GM decided not to offer further warranty coverage on new units, too high of a failure rate and warranty costs to GM.
  4. Stalwart

    M977 HEMTT Acquisition

    Be careful, some Army mechanics I've spoken with told me the HEMTT drives like a pig with the cab armor on.
  5. Stalwart

    HEMTT TMs?

    I believe I have them all in both print and pdf.
  6. Stalwart

    What have you done to your HEMTT/PLS/MK48 this week

    Mine is still asleep in the garage.
  7. Stalwart

    The new EPA fuel cans suck!!!

    I love the No-Spill too, have about 15 of the suckers use the 2.5 gal. ones for mixed fuel for the 2 strokes. I've never spilled more than a drop or two with them. I recommend removing the ratcheting portion with diagonal cutters. I leave the lids slightly loose for venting in storage.
  8. Stalwart

    WSUCougarx's M561 Gama Goat Acquisition and Build Thread

    I was wondering what that PTO looked like, now I know! Looks like a nice snatch block too . . .
  9. Stalwart

    updated pics of my hemtt restoration

    Because when my truck was rebuilt there weren't such parts available. Even all 4 fenders were custom made from Oshkosh blueprints but of one gage thicker material. Current rebuilders have it easy with readily available parts, we had to have them custom made or pay Oshkosh a fortune.
  10. Stalwart

    updated pics of my hemtt restoration

    There are probably some yellow metals in there, the older EP lubricants were hard on yellow metals. "SAE 50 motor oil" is the same general viscosity as "SAE 90 gear oil" without the extreme pressure additives.
  11. Stalwart

    updated pics of my hemtt restoration

    HEMTT MAINTENANCE PARTS NUMBERS OIL FILTER - Fleetguard LF3380 Primary Fuel Filter - Fleetguard FS-1206 Secondary Fuel Filter - Fleetguard FF5206 Transmission oil filter - Fleetguard HF6243 Hydraulic low pressure filter - NAPA 1860 Hydraulic high pressure filter - PTI...
  12. Stalwart


    Yes, the best one is still here.
  13. Stalwart


    Digging up 4.5 year old threads . . .
  14. Stalwart

    M977 HEMTT Acquisition

    New Truck-Lite LED headlights . . . low power drain, excellent focusing and high output. I have the older ones and I LOVE them!
  15. Stalwart

    SARACEN APC info

    Yes it has a differential.
  16. Stalwart

    2nd alternator, 12V

    Bull poopie, the military typically uses a dual voltage alternator that is a huge beast of a thing. How do I know this, have a new one on the shelf, not in the HEMTT yet. They might allow tapping the grounded battery for teeny, tiny loads but even that will come with an eventual cost of...
  17. Stalwart

    M977 HEMTT Acquisition

    I was just passing along the word from an eyewitness in the sandbox, he was driving the truck following and witnessed the carnage. He claimed it was typical to raise the governor or disable it entirely. No doubt the Mk48 would be better truck for maneuvering but I wouldn't let my wife run down...
  18. Stalwart

    M977 HEMTT Acquisition

    Nope, it still pivots at the lunette, it is only by much greater mass and leverage that the truck just pushes the front trailer tires sideways. It's best to just avoid backing if at all possible.
  19. Stalwart

    M977 HEMTT Acquisition

    Backing up is simple, lock the steering bar and push the trailer where you want it. If you want to try steering backward you will probably be limited to movements of about 10-15 feet if you are good/lucky.
  20. Stalwart

    M977 HEMTT Acquisition

    It tows nicely, follows the truck perfectly, but it was purpose made for a HEMTT.
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