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  1. Special T

    Bloke taking his tank to fuel up.

    Ran across this on you tube, guy in Britton taking it to the fuel station... Any guesses what it is? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  2. Special T

    GTB in Belfair WA needs rescuing

    I saw this posted on a hunting-washington forum for a nominal fee for any of you guys that are trying to restore your this may be helpful ,ve got a 1943 Ford GTB (Burma Jeep) weapons carrier. It's pretty much yard art at this point unless someone wanted it for parts. It was converted to a tow...
  3. Special T

    Tankfest 2017

    Place your photos and wrote up Here! Took place at the Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum. I'll be adding more pics soon. I'd say I liked the Sturat light tank the best because they guy who owns it drives it like he stole it! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  4. Special T

    M54A2C Super single options Dualled Super single?

    So i have a couple of questions that i have not found the answers to even with an advanced search. Can a M54A2C run 1600R20 singled out? If you can flip the Hubs to run them super single what is the distance from the bolt face to the frame or anything else that can rub? A guy I know with this...
  5. Special T

    Eland-90 Mk7 South African Wheeled Tank (armored car)

    This is a follow up post from the MV spotted thread. I got to follow up with my customer that has been fixing this for his customer. My Ability to visit and crawl around this rig is a result of good Karma I believe. This Elands were made from the early 1960's to the late 80's. This one was...
  6. Special T

    What is the substance on the inside of the Hummer/other tires?

    I tried looking through the TMs but couldnt find anything. Does anyone know the answer? I have the high suspicion that it is your standard tire lube Likel Murphy's tire lube or something of that nature. I have seen Hummer tires with the yellow grease like color when a tire is near new and it...
  7. Special T

    I get logged out if i switch to another tab.

    I was trying to repost some information regaurding some of the Wa state laws on Collector plates and it kept loggin me out. i finaly figured out I had to cut and past on a notepad to organise it then make one cut and past to the reply. Is there a reason for this? Can this be fixed. It was just...
  8. Special T

    Buyers Gude/basic model descriptions

    I have been Thinking about buying a Multi-fuel Deuce and Half 6x6 for some time. I've been reading as much as i can on this site about this Rig. I think a basic overview of what separates the different models from each other, Where to look for refurbishing tags, and where to look for known...
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