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  1. largeboar

    M813 pros and cons

    I am looking at an M813 listed on ebay and was wondering how they perform without a turbo. Looking at the picture it looks like the intake goes directly from the breather to the intake manifold. I need something to pull a belly dump on the ranch and thought it might work. What do ya think?
  2. largeboar

    GL needs to change !

    Government liquidations needs to make their auctions easier to complete Euc's need to be a one time application and the auctions need to be better serviced ot we the citizens will hold DOD responsible. Contact your congresspersom or senator to complain about the GL auctions and the EUC...
  3. largeboar

    How many ways does government liquidation suck let me count the ways!

    1. if you talk to a person they have no authority 2. If you have problems with your EUC your screwed. 3. No one at corporate GL cares if your a satisfied customer. 4. DOD doesn't care about your GL purchasing experience. 5. Your Representatives don't care about the ridiculous EUC...
  4. largeboar

    What kinda vehicle is this?

    I bought this fire truck and it has no identification. Has anyone see one of these or have an idea as to what it could be. Its got a 5.9 cummins engine in the rear that drives a hydraulic pump.
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