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  1. fuzzytoaster

    M936A2 in Virginia 23866

    Looking for someone local to do some basic PMCS to get the truck running to drive up onto a trailer. Will compensate for materials and time. Let me know.
  2. fuzzytoaster

    Headlight buckets

    Looking for a pair of decent headlight buckets with retaining rings. Standard M35/M939/HMMWV/etc since the dawn of time US headlight buckets. Thanks.
  3. fuzzytoaster

    WTB M916A1/M916A2 Freightliner

    Looking to buy a M916A1/M916A2 Freightliner. Message me what you've got.
  4. fuzzytoaster

    TX 1992 Stewart & Stevenson XM1084 6x6 Military Cargo Truck with Crane

    You are looking at the first XM1084 produced by Stewart & Stevenson in bid for the US Army FMTV program. This rare truck is the final prototype before production began and is the father of all MTV M1084s. S/N TE002B. The truck is 95% complete and has many unusual features but the main...
  5. fuzzytoaster

    M939 Hood Cab Post

    Looking for two cab hood posts that hold the hood open. Message me. Thanks.
  6. fuzzytoaster

    TX M105A2 CBC Hard Cover Enclosure

    I have two fiberglass CBC (Cargo Bed Cover) that fit the M105A2 trailer. These models are the uni-body design to prevent leaks and includes the upper and lower swinging doors for full security. Each was released from Ft Hood recently and are rare. Price is $2000 per unit. PM me if you want more...
  7. fuzzytoaster

    TX NOS Complete MTVR A/C Kit

    Kit was removed from an unopened crate and everything is sealed in plastic: controls, bracket, A/C compressor, condensor, hoses, etc.. everything. Price $2500. Buyer covers shipping. This is about half price for what the big surplus guys are charging!
  8. fuzzytoaster

    TX MTV/LMTV Tow Shackles

    I have multiple pairs of front tow shackles with pins for the FMTV. Price is $100 per pair shipped in the US. PM me.
  9. fuzzytoaster

    TX Parting Out M931A2 - List Below

    This M931A2 was running and driving in my possession but it was the ugly ducking chosen so that others may live. Individual parts are listed below. If I didn't list what you need ask me and I'll see if its worthy (with photos). Can palatize for freight shipping. 8.3L 6CTA Engine - $2000 -...
  10. fuzzytoaster

    TX HMMWV Footman Loop Tie Down 5340-01-314-5957 12338839 M998 M1101 M1102 Unpainted

    NOS strap fastener loop/footman loop for the HMMWV. Used to anchor straps, covers, Jerry Cans, and more. Each bag comes with 10 loops that are unpainted and made of steel. $20 shipped per bag PM me, Paypal preferred (click my name then "start conversation")
  11. fuzzytoaster

    FMTV Pre-Production Prototypes

    **This thread may continue to develop as facts and documentation are discovered.** I had the fortune of unknowingly recovering 2 prototype MTVs this past week from a location not too far from the old Stewart & Stevenson plant in Sealy, Texas. I'm doing the due diligence of documenting the...
  12. fuzzytoaster

    Door Markings Identification

    I've had many FMTVs but this is the first I've had with this numbering on the door like this. It was covered up (poorly) with tan paint and flaked off with the power washer. I'm positive this unit was overseas due to gunring support & platform, IFF panel mounts, etc. Anyone have insight?
  13. fuzzytoaster

    TX MILITARY RED DOT AC CONDENSER M923 M931 M939 5 TON RD-4-6010-0 4130-01-531-3999

    You are looking at a USA made NOS (new old stock) A/C condenser for the M939 series truck. These condensers are made by RedDot Corporation specifically to be mounted in front of the radiator for a sleek and hidden installation to cool the operator's cab. These units are unopened factory boxes...
  14. fuzzytoaster

    M10A International Harvester Rough Terrain Forklift

    My "new to me" M10A will be here in a few days and want to see who else owns a unit out there? Anyone have any info on these units that's useful/interesting?
  15. fuzzytoaster

    HMMWV Deep Water Exhaust

    Would someone post photos of their deep water exhaust setup, mount, and bolts. I was lucky/unlucky enough to get a NOS exhaust pipe but it doesn't mate up to my M1123. The part number comes up at M1097A1 but doesn't fit right. Did they change the exhaust for the "A2" generation? Bracket and...
  16. fuzzytoaster

    MRAP Buffalo Trainer

    For those who haven't heard I've come into possession of a Buffalo MRAP trainer built on an M925A2 chassis. I want this thread to document the unique nature of this machine and updates as I work on it (even if slowly). I felt this should go under the "Heavy Armor" category due to the extensive...
  17. fuzzytoaster

    Baton Rouge - M923 Batteries

    Is anyone near Baton Rouge that would be willing to get an M923A2 started? It will likely need the usual batteries and fuel prime to get it running. I plan to have it hauled but it needs to drive up onto the trailer. Thanks.
  18. fuzzytoaster

    FMTV Allison 3070 Transmission - Code 4627 Overcurrent, A-High Solenoid Circuit

    The 1078 I recently acquired runs but wont go into gear. The PBC (push button controller - Wtec3) is giving me an active code for 46 27 - Overcurrent, A-High Solenoid Circuit. Clearing the code does not work, the condition is active and preventing engagement. The relays in the PDP click when...
  19. fuzzytoaster

    FLU-419 - Instrument Cluster In-op

    I've followed the TM and dug into the dash to identify this problem but no success yet. All electrical instrument gauges do no work with the exception of the high beam indicator and no charge light which are controlled by the power/ignition switch. The start relay under the hood had the starter...
  20. fuzzytoaster

    Behr Paint Code - Home Depot Update 2019

    This is a heads up to the MV community and those who use Home Depot to mix their military color paints. I was informed by the paint employee that Home Depot is migrating away from their dedicated computer program and will be using a web browser based program to mix paints starting this Fall...
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