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    What is this part- where can I obtain it, or should I make one?

    You can install a helicoil in a damaged hole and it is better than new. Just do not go any deeper with the drill than the hole is already. This can be done without removing the head.
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    Tools to carry for busting MTVR tires?

    When buying one of these get the larger heavy duty version! Works a lot better on the stubborn break downs!
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    1986 CUCV Gen 2. Right side isolated ground alternator

    One of the GM part numbers is 1105500. Another number is 10459234. Original numbers for both sides.
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    M1009 engine difference

    All of the cucv's are made from 1984 parts. The military wanted them all the same. The year they were made is the only difference.
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    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    Actually changing the brushes and bushings and a few other items just to get a starter barely working is a "rebuilt" starter. It often has a few days warranty or none. It often works a while then fails. You might get a good one occasionally. A remanufactured starter is completely disassembled...
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    M915/915A1 Bumper wanted.

    Any car or pickup will lose with a direct hit to that bumper! :)
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    Conversations, how to find mine?

    Frank there is a little envelope to the right of your user name in upper right hand corner of page. Click on envelope then click on show all conversations. Hope you find your address.
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    Fuel issue , bad injection pump?

    I would run some Seafoam added to the diesel thru it and see if it smooths out first. Seafoam or Power Service will clean out a lot of injectors.
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    Fuel issue , bad injection pump?

    Are you certain you have installed the correct diesel lift pump?
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    Harmonic Damper

    The rubber in harmonic balancers deteriorates with age whether they run or not. Just like the rubber in motor mounts and transmission and transfer case mounts. Running down the highway at full throttle and never changing a harmonic balancer do not go together on any vehicle the age of these...
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    Lost Fast Idle Function When Cold/Thermostat Replacement Issues

    I haven't had very good luck with Borg Warner or Standard electric switches or parts myself.
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    NP241 Transfer Case

    I have run several 205 transfer cases. Both 4 speeds and 400 automatics. They all shift out of 4 high best by going forward then let off gas and shift to 2 high. To shift out of 4 low stop, put transmission in neutral, then shift to 2 high. If an auto doesn't shift all the way from 4 low to 2...
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    The starter is the weak link!

    What starter did the GM dealer install?
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    Artisan's M916

    Biodiesel does not store well at all. It attracts moisture and breaks down in storage.
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    Artisan's M916

    Brad are you filling up with biodiesel?
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    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    I add Power Service diesel additive every time I fill up year around. I use winter formula in the cold months to prevent gelling. Good for the injection pump and injectors both. Also runs a little quiter.
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    Not your regular Bobbed 6x6

    I do know the short WB ones are a lot harder on U joints!
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    Headlight Woes

    Check the grounds at all the light bulbs.
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    1986 chevy cucv m1008

    Find an original AC Delco 24v starter and have it rebuilt with 12v parts. Be sure to install new bolts and front brace.
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