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Thread: TEXAS GULF COAST ; MV Emergency Response

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    Default TEXAS GULF COAST ; MV Emergency Response

    Hurricane Season is quickly approaching.

    I have something i would like to discuss here with those of you whom reside in the Texas Gulf Coast region, specifically but not limited to Harris , Montgomery, Liberty , San Jacinto Counties.

    Would you, or have you considered volunteering yourself and your Military Vehicle during times of Natural Disaster?

    We along with many of those along the coastal region saw the tremendous response last year (Harvey) by citizens within our own areas and those that came in from all over the country to help us and our neighbors. Many of our high water capable military vehicles transitioned from simply a hobby and living historical exhibit to a tool of rescue for so many.

    In 2015 i helped found a 501(c)(3) Search and Rescue group called "Lone Star Task Force" based out of Montgomery County. Most of the year we respond to missing persons for ground search but we also have boats and swiftwater/floodwater rescue technicians. Anyhow... fast forward to 2017. We were mobilized by Patton Village Police Department to stage and respond to Harvey and spent the next 7 days performing rescues, and resupplies utilizing our Deuces to those along the 59 corridor.

    We have now partnered with Office of Emergency Management in Montgomery County and this sparked some thought.

    Would there be any interest in -

    1. Workshop / Meet & Greet discussing safe Floodwater operations with your military vehicle and preparing your vehicle for fording as well as post-event maintenance. Free Training!

    2. Becoming a listed asset with the County or Lone Star Task Force to assist if able and willing during times of emergency. (Keep in mind it is voluntary and would have no time commitment or obligation)

    Let me know your thoughts. I have a few photos of our assets below during trainings and the Hurricane response.

    - Devin Van Holsbeke
    Lone Star Task Force

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    I would suggest anyone considering this fully review your vehicle insurance policy. I found out a friend using a vehicle (not MV) had a serious claim denied because there was a policy exclusion for what he was doing so is not covered at all. Fortunately it was someone else’s fault but had it been his fault he would probably be looking at losing his house.
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    I thought I knew a lot about flood rescue work having worked TS Claudette as a teenager in a M37 Dodge for Galveston County Civil Defense.
    Some random thoughts:
    Harvey was a humbling experience that did not go well for a lot of agencies. I recall meeting with our command staff (FD)on August 25: DO NOT USE PRIVATE ASSETS for rescue under any circumstances. That quickly went out the window.

    If YOUR house gets flooded, the last thing on your mind is firing up the truck and rescuing others. (VERY sore subject)

    If you store your truck away from your house, it will not do anyone any good if there is 8 ft of flood between you and it. (another sore subject)

    If you attach to an agency, you may get assigned to really pointless rescues such as 911 calls from residences from 24-48 hours ago. Those people did not sit and wait in water up to their necks.

    Be prepared to be completely overwhelmed with calls. We (FD/PD) had 800 calls for rescue in a few hours, with 4 deuces available.

    90% of the rescues we did were combo boat rescues. We took the trucks up to 4' water, then the boats would bring the evacuees to the back of the trucks, and we would attempt to transfer the people from the boat to the truck. VERY hazardous operation with seniors. Unloading at shelters (in the rain) was equally hazardous and very strenuous for the responders.

    It is no fun to be wet for DAYS. There is just no way to stay dry.

    So after all this, yes, I will do it again. But as part of my FD, not independent.
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    My name is Ron Hockett, I am a member of PNW Steel Soldiers and I am with No Town Left Behind. We are a nonprofit disaster relief organization that received a proclamation from the city of Huston for our efforts with Hurricane Harvey in 2017. We are looking to partner with Steel Soldiers in Texas, if this is something you could help facilitate it would be greatly appreciated.

    Ron Hockett

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