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    Default Desplining sevice

    I've desplined several drive flanges for people here on the side. With the new year, I'd like to start doing it routinely for people. These flanges are machined on my large lathe. I also add grease fittings to the plugs as well. If your truck is primarily used on the road and not off road, these will save you on fuel and wear. The flanges will disable the front axle from pulling even if the t case is engaged, so the only way to restore that is to swap in a set of stock flanges. With the cost of locking hubs, this is a good compromise.

    Some things to note, sprague t case trucks wont benefit from these without modifications to the cases to disable the sprague. These desplined hubs make the most sense in the m939 series as well as the deuces with a air shift.

    Last year my local parts yard closed up, so I have used up my stash of flanges. I can only offer this as a service, so you'll need to ship me your flanges. The upside is that both 2.5 and 5 ton flanges fit in a single usps flate rate box.

    Prices for the service are as follows, return shipping included. $135 for clean degreased flanges. $150 if they're packed with grease.

    If you have extra flanges, I'll also work out trades for work in exchange. Attachment 75225920181228_102316.jpg

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