Used, in good working condition set of Snap-on 7 piece SAE speed / flare nut line combo wrench set. Very useful for situations where a flare nut wrench is needed - break it loose with the flare nut end and run it up or down fast with the speed open end, with it's ratcheting function.

Includes the following -
3/8" RSXS12
7/16" RSXS14
1/2" RSXS16
9/16" RSXS18
5/8" RSXS20
11/16" RSXS22
3/4" RSXS24

Several have some slight corrosion in the flare nut end. No big scratches, gouges, or owner engravings anywhere.Made in the USA and has a lifetime warranty.
IMG_20190310_180259_1.jpg IMG_20190310_180444.jpg IMG_20190310_180352.jpg IMG_20190310_180336.jpg

$140 shipped.