Thanks for looking. I have 10 tires and a few rims for the MTVRs series of trucks. Some of the tires, 2 actually, are like new with one mounted on a rim and one loose. $250 for the loose one and $500 for the one mounted.
Other tires have some wear and so I will quote tread depth and price on request.
These are all Michelin 16.00 x 20 XZL tires that are 53 inches in diameter. All tires are air-tested and inspected by hand. The rims are for all military MTVR trucks like Mk23, Mk25, Mk27, Mk28, Mk36, and Mk37.
These tires are all-terrain, all-position radials for special service such as Emergency Response and Tactical Wheeled vehicles.
I have a lift gate truck so for an extra charge I could deliver to a shipping company. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah.
If you need more information just email me and I can answer questions and send a spec sheet. jon.bushey@gmail.com
16.00 R20 XZL part number 06306.