NJ 1987 M998 Modified - Reduced to $49,500


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For sale is a clear NJ titled, M998 HMMWV that has been modified, updated in accessories and repainted. When purchased, it was a real plain Jane; I received no doors, no roof, no rear seats, driver sear only, driver mirror only, and a faulty engine. Many HMMWV sellers fix the apparent problems, paint, and resell. This is definitely not the case here. Various pictures show different configurations based on the event attended. Closest thing to a frame-off restoration without lifting the body. This will appeal to a certain type of individual who wants to stand out from the rest. Currently painted green. Have paint to go back to tan.

Parts Replaced

  • 6.2L engine. Have used this for last 8 years
  • Power converter
  • Flywheel
  • Brake Booster
  • Power Steering Pump
  • Glow plug power box (from white tag to yellow tag) along with mushroom.
  • One rear half axel
  • One short front axle
  • Rotors and pads
  • Both differentials converted to 256 ratios
  • Installed Hard roof, gun ring and hard doors
  • Four new tires mounted on rims as backup
Accessories (where do I start?)

  • Hard top with rotating gun ring. Have back pads and seat sling not installed. ( Gun ring has a Slight drip under heavy rain and use a tarp during bad weather)
  • Radio mount located in front over the doghouse. Metal cover created over radios
  • A working RT 524 radio with mic and R442 receiver; Works but not used.
  • A working infra-red optical scope for night operation under moonlight.
  • 7-day Viet Nam era clock; get 5 days on it now. (probably needs a cleaning)
  • Installed first military GPS. Use the WEP feature to view altitudes
  • Installed first consumer GPS with color map of the time
  • Installed PA300 for horn, siren and PA announcements during parades
  • Have Tiny Tac Tachometer (not military issue) with Velcro. Not installed.
  • Have chain with heavy lock for steering wheel
  • Gunner shield: Could not lift the real one and made a light weight 40 lb equivalent out of ½” aluminum with same dimensions. Very convenient for removing during winter storage in garage.
  • 12” riser, 50 cal ammo mount and tray behind gunner shield.
  • 50 cal gas firing MG; can use the butterfly trigger or the extension push button to fire. Hold pushbutton trigger for kids to fire during parades. Battery located in ammo can.
  • 4 gas grenade launchers on roof for a total of 16 individual launchers, one on each corner. Not connected-just display. (What would you shoot anyway?)
  • Two gas grenade ammo cans with dummy grenades for display
  • M60 MG mount connected to gunner ring with “crow’s foot” mount.
  • VIC3 Intercom system just purchased. Commonly use two headsets but system wired for 6 headsets. Other 4 headsets not yet tested but told they work.
  • Two dash mounted MG mounts; spring clip held
  • Two rear mounted swing arms for 249 saws. These are custom made and require the rear doors to be removed to operate. Have plastic replicas but rarely used at car shows
  • Cut down HMMWV pickup truck seats and installed in back bed. Great for weddings
  • Bed floor covered completely with 50 cal ammo cans in their aluminum strapped holders.
  • Installed convoy light but not working yet. Left for FL before finishing.
  • Installed 24V radiator fan during hot season operation. Have original fan components for hydraulic operation but never installed them.
  • Installed 24V front hitch. Worked when installed but never needed to use it.
  • Made switch panel for lights, radiator fan, etc. You might want to perform a wiring operation to beautify the nest.
  • Gypsy fuel/water can holder mounted on rear bed drop down. Holds two fuel cans ½ full, two water cans ½ full, two empties and one insulated empty water can. Mixed colors
  • Left rear has RT424 radio antenna, right side displays a radio scrambler. Display only.
  • Hide-away license plate system, manual
  • Rear M3 pedestal
  • Fabricated rear gunner shield from ½” aluminum having ammo can tray and brass pickup tray for non-gas firing 50 cal MG. 110V spot light can replace gun but requires house connection.
  • Inside rear has two MG mount holding 4 M5 (plastic replicas) MG.
  • AT4 located behind M5s and hung with straps. Dummy round installed.
  • Medium size military tow bar
  • Installed standard 2” tow hitch (not military, but very convenient)
  • 2” tow variable height adjustment ball
  • Clear NJ title
Have additional parts that go with it: new radiator, new trans cooler, new rear ½ axels, new starter, new glow plug controller, injection pump, new fuel pump, new brake booster, new lights bulbs, fuel filters, air filter, belts, tools located under rear seat, right side exhaust manifold and several other ancillary parts I am forgetting to mention.

The truck was initially green and was painted desert tan for movie shoots. Inside is still green as outside paint was only needed. It is currently green for an ad campaign just before I left for FL and will paint back to dessert tan before sale unless you want green. $1000 at time of sale via PayPal, and balance due within 10 days. Vehicle given when check clears unless cash. Buyer is responsible for shipping of parts and vehicle. Once it leaves the barn, it is yours so take your time inspecting.

I have the right to cancel this sale as I have listed this in numerous places.

The HMMWV is available for inspection Email for an appointment. Peter.schindo@gmail.com. All questions will be answered then unless you purchase without inspection. First come buys it.


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