WA 395/85R20 w/MRAP wheels [price drop]

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4 x 395/85R20 Michelin XL mounted on MRAP wheels, 2 split rim, 2 two piece rim. Also have 2 additional wheels with no tires, 1 split rim, 1 two piece. These are all 10 hole wheels.

$35 each, for the wheels w/out tires.
$200 each for the wheels with tires.
Buy 1, buy all.

Delivery a possibility, let's talk.

Also, I expect to have a set of 6 x 395/85R20 tires mounted on MRAP wheels with adapter plates installed suitable for mounting to a M35A2. These will only be sold as a set. $2400 and won't be available for 2-3 months. Last two pics show the wheels mounted, they're currently painted black, but the before pic shows the details better. This sale is NOT set in stone, but I expect to have these available in the near future.

I received this note from a member here and am not trying to deceive anyone:
Please note that those tires you are offering as 395/85R20 are actually the 15.5/80R20 (G-20 PILOTE XL), typically found on the M1076 trailer. (It would be interesting to see their date codes; they might be well over 20 years old...?)
Also from that same trailer are the (mounted) wheels shown in your last 4 pics. They are a 3-piece, tubeless, lock-ring style with a 10 on 335mm center. (AFAIK these were never used on any MRAP)

I bought these wheels/tires through GovSurplus (they're GoDove now I think) a few years ago (2016 I think) and personally picked them up at Ft. Lewis in WA. They were advertised as MRAP wheels. I meant no deception if they were/are something else. As to their age, yes, they are fairly old, probably 15 years or more. When I picked them up, some had never been driven on, and I paid $1k to have them inspected by Les Schwab (a tire dealer in WA) for roadworthiness. Aside from the age, the 10 I'm listing here all came back fine - originally I had bought 12 tires on wheels, but Les Schwab rejected 2 of the tires, and I had these demounted and paid $50 each to dispose of at the local dump. You can see in the pics there is no cracking on the sidewalls, the tread has sharp sides, and most of it is still there - I used a tape measure because I don't have tire measurement gauge which would probably show more depth, you're welcome to verify before buying. I would be happy to provide closer more detailed pics upon request.

The 6 on my truck have had about 2k miles put on them and are still in very good condition at least as to tread depth. The only reason I'm selling these is because I'm moving to a different tire/wheel set up.

On a side note, I take my safety very seriously, which is why I had them inspected because I too was concerned about the age. I also paid for the recommended hardware for the adapter plates (the kind with the 85,000 lbs of force - not a technical explanation) even though it cost a little more because I was the one driving on these. Were I not moving to a different tire/wheel set up I had intended to drive upon these tires (age and all) until I used them up or their condition showed any other signs of deterioration.


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