Advice Please on 2 Hercules Power Units DD198 and D2300


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Hampstead, NH
Just purchased two Hercules engines and I need some advice. Pics will be posted later, but here is what I have....

DD198, complete with clutch, was running two months ago (on a wood chipper) when it ran low on fuel and now it has a "skip" in number 4 cylinder per the previous owner. He thinks the piston is shot in number 4. Over the last two years, he rebuilt the IP, recored the radiator, added a new starter and alternator.

He also gave me a a somewhat complete D2300 which is missing one of most expensive parts, the IP. This engine has been sitting outside for about 2 years.

I did some research and it looks like the IP on the DD198 will not work on the D2300. I don't if the pistons are compatible. It also appears that the D2300 is more common engine as the DD198 is the civey version of the D198 which was military and used on gensets.

I was hoping to build a 20kw generator using one of these units.

Here are my questions....

1. Do I part out the DD198 and use the funds for parts on the D2300? Looks like an IP on the D2300 is at least $600.00. Plus I don't the the condition of the internals of the engine.

2. Do I part out the D2300 and use the funds for the rebuild on the DD198? Right now it may just need attention on cylinder number 4, but don't know that for sure.

3. Which engine will best suite a generator application? I understand that the IP on the DD198 may not have a governor?????

4. Do I part out both engines and find a nice surplus, running and complete diesel genset?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Newbury, MA
I saw that engine listed a while back, i'm not much help on offering a solution tho. Happen to have the woodchipper that it was mounted on???? If you do, any interest in selling it??
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