Brake troubles


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When I first got the truck, I thought that there were brake problems. The rotors needed to be replaced, and so I did that, and my dad said I should change out the Master cylinder too.(I did the MS first). As soon as I put the Master Cylinder on, the brakes started to grab all the time, like they were out of adjustment, and even on some occasions, start smoking just from normal driving. I put a spacer between the MS and the hydroboost.

Well I think that is unacceptable, and now the brakes are starting to grab again, and even lock up the wheel.(I mean, this happened the second I got it running again with a new starter. Not kidding at all).

Since this is a new MS(and the old one was ok it ended up, traded it in for the core), could the MS be defective?

As Always, your help would be appreciated. Thanks alot Gents.



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1) when you changed disk's did you greese the slides on calipers 2) did you mix dot 3 brake fluid with synthetic 3) have you checked your hydro-boost 4)it cold be a bad combination valve. there could be a restriction on the return system. one or both calipers could be froze up. I would start with the basics, flush the brake lines,then pull the calipers and make sure there ok (but if thay got that hot i would think about rebilding them)you changed master cylinder,so next would be hydro-boost.check power steering fluid . I hope this helped(the ramboling of a old man) :redface:


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make sure that you have the right master cylinder. I think the M1008 master fits but won't work right. It's possible that in bleeding you got some poop in the combination valve but that type of thin I've never seen. Did you clamp the front hoses when you swapped out the rotors/brakes? Kinking the front hoses could cause them to split on the inside and create a flap which kinda operates like a one way valve and won't allow the fluid to return. Another thought would be a blocked compensating port in the master cylinder. Adjustment issues cause the piston in the master to not fully retract and it blocks the compensating port and locks up the brakes. Take the master loose and pull it away from the hydroboost and see if the piston is coming out all the way. Is it just one tire locking up? Someone metioned dirty slides. This will certainly cause accelerated wear and draging. Guess it could lock up a wheel eventually. Look at some of these things and report back.
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