can anyone ID these? (air filter, and electical box)


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Dallas, Texas
These are not from the same thing.

Air filter,
NSN 2940--01-065-8396,
type ARM-127,
Air Refiner part # 10048
contract # SP0750-00-M-0255
This thing is about 8-9" diameter and about 20" long cylindrical with an end cap and is held on by a wingnut.

M915-M920 5 ton intake air filter, right?


radio-electrical box C-8663/VCC (images).

I have already guessed it is a Marine Corps device to permit duplex operation amongst two radios. For those that don't know, duplex means the signals flow both ways, like on a telephone, no push to talk, but both parties talk and listen at the same time. The audio connectors (besides the handset jack on the box) are two for speaker jacks on perhaps a VRC-12 radio, and one for a 'console', and two for the X-mode connectors on the VRc radios (audio I/O can be had there) and one larger connector which says "HF" on it.

Anyone know what it goes to, or has seen one?


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