LARC V engine


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is that the v8 300 cummins?
LARC-V is an aluminium-hulled amphibious cargo vehicle capable of transporting 5 tons. ... The LARC-V was fielded in 1963 and were used extensively by the U.S. Army ...
Engine: Cummins V8-300; 785 cu in (12.9 L) D...
Operational range: 250 mi (402.3 km)
Maximum speed: Land:30 mph (48 km/h); Wat...
Suspension: wheel 4x4

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Is your machine an original LEGACY version LARC-V, or is there a rebuild plate in the operators flat with a 1990's Navy rebuild stated? (the rebuilts have a tow bitt attached to the aft bulkhead of the cargo deck, the fendering has been changed and they're hard top operators flat with a hatch in the top.) They're STILL the 300 Cummins, but the 'retarder' pedal for the torque converter has been removed and they lope when running down the road. We've got full plans for them (from Naval Sea Systems Command) if you need any such info, and of the three we have, one is ORIGINAL LEGACY, the other two came off maritime prepositioned ships and are the 1990's reworked boats. Most things are the same, but they added extra instruments aft, changed the dash some, installed micro brakes and such. Tires are getting few and far between BUT, there are loader tires that work on the LARC rims and actually help with one of its short comings, the non-directional floatation tires gave no help in swampy terrain, loader types help that, and alot of foreign militaries the US have given them to have moved to these tires.
There are later rebuilds now too, they took about 50 from storage outside Gulfport or someplace and stripped them to parade rest, they've got new bassboat type controls, John Deere power and each wheel has its own hydraulic drive, the Marines that got some of the early ones hated them. But watch the part numbers, they DO cross over to other things occasionally, we needed seals for the marine drive, Navy sole source supplier wanted 1,200.00 each, we found another supplier with same specs exact item for 124.00. There's a caged roller bearing in the marine prop shaft aft, GREASE THE HELL OUT OF IT BEFORE ROLLING IT OVER the rust in there can blow it apart. We speak from experience, and the prop hub also has rollers and takes a beating. GOOD LUCK, they're fun to work with, NOT on.


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