SD M35 take off parts for sale $30

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Tested air tanks $30ea
Fenders $100, very good $150
Air shift transfer case with park brake assembly $325
Take off park brake assembly $80
Brake shoes, $30

Transmission $400
Take out engine $1500
Hoods $150
Engine compartment side access panels $20
Tool box assemblies with mounting arms $100
Battery box assemblies with mounting arms $80
D turbo take offs $200
Door assemblies with glass $125
Stripped doors $50
Drivers seat assemblies $100
Gauge clusters $100
Steering wheels $40
Used front marker lights $20
Used rear tail lights $20
Frame tie down loops $2
Good take out clutch assemblies $100

Flywheels $90
Air compressors with pulley $150, W/O pulley $90
Mirror arm and windshield hinge assembly (elephant ear style) $75/pr.
West coast style windshield hinge $50
Bridge plates $30
Short early type mud flaps with arms for cargo bed $40ea.
Pintle hitch assemblies $90
Steering gearbox assemblies $125
Exhaust pipe tips $30
Take off tail lights without lens $15
Take off front marker lights without lens $15
Cab steps $30
Pioneer tool racks $40
Winch drive shafts new $125, used $90
NOS injectors $70ea
Windshield wiper upgrade kits $40ea
New hood/windshield hold downs $5 used, $15 new
Ignition switches tested $20ea
Start switch $10
3 lever light switches tested $30ea
Take out turn signal lever $20
Wiper motors for parts (may have broken manual lever) $10
Engine throttle cable assembly $10
Parts engine $400
Takeout engine complete except secondary filter assembly $800
Air cleaner intake hood $30
NOS rear cargo cover 3 color with new super rope $900

Tons of other items, email me at with anything you are looking for or call 605-661-2051