MA MEP-831A WiFi Remote Start / Governor Controllers

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WiFi Remote Start Controller / Governor Controller Kits
For use in MEP-831A Generators
WiFi Remote Control, 2-Wire Start/Stop, Governor Controller all in one!

The new product combines all the features of my MEP-831A Governor Controller plus all the features of the WiFi Remote Start & Parameter Monitoring system that I offer for the MEP-802A & MEP-803A.
All in a single circuit card assembly.
Simply remove your existing Governor Controller and install this kit in it's place.

Ordering Information
Cost: $430 Includes USPS Priority Shipping in the US
PayPal & Checks accepted.

To order email me at:
Be sure to include the following information:
1) Name & Mailing Address
2) Payment Method
4) PayPal email address if using PayPal

WiFi Remote Start / 2-Wire section Features include:
· Remote genset Start/Stop via WIFI via cell phone, laptop, tablet
· Direct WiFi communication. No router needed. Works during power failures.
· 300 foot plus WiFi range. Password protected
· Browser display of all engine and generator operating parameters on remote WIFI device. Parameters nearing extremes are highlighted in red text.
· Ambient Temperature
· Battery Voltage
· AC Voltage
· AC Output Frequency
· %Load
· Fuel Level
· Engine Crankcase Temperature
· Oil Pressure
· Remotely Enable and Disable the Auxiliary Fuel Pump
· Remote control of the Contactor with the Contactor state displayed
· User calibration of all parameters
· Data Logging of all parameters as well as engine hours and Start/Stop count. Min, Average & Max values logged every 10 seconds.
· Two wire remote Start/Stop for use with ATS or other contact closure
· Transfer between WIFI and Manual control while running
· Automatic Pre-Heat below 40 degrees F
Additional Remote Start features:
· User programmable durations and delays for all phases of start up and shutdown. Separate delay settings for WiFi Start/Stop and 2 Wire Start/Stop
· Pre-Heat duration
· Fuel System prime duration
· Cranking duration
· Warm up
· Stop command to contactor open delay
· Cool down delay
· Antenna and connector are IP65 rated for water resistance.
· Retains full manual control of the genset
· Controller is conformally coated to seal out moisture.
· Hybrid Oil Pressure & Crankcase Temperature Sensor.

Governor Controller section Features include:
The new units are microcomputer controlled thus eliminating the tedious and error prone adjustment procedure used with the old SLC100 Governor Controller.
I personally hand build and custom program each of the Controllers. Once built each Governor Controller is installed in one of my MEP-831A’s and application tested under varying loads to assure consistent operation and a defect free unit.
Wire labels are included to facilitate swapping in the new controller.

Controller mounted on control cube
Controller Installed.jpg

WiFi Remote Start / Governor Controller Circuit Card Assembly

Pre-Assembled wire harness
Wire Harness.jpg

Oil Pressure / Crankcase Temperature Sensor

Installation Hardware

Hardware Kit.jpg

Sample phone screen when running
Running Screen Shot.jpg

Sample phone screen of Min, Av, Max statistics table
Data Log Table.jpg

Sample phone screen of calibration adjustment
Battery Calibration.jpg

Feel free to email me with any questions!
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