OH-58C static build


Michie, ,tn
Welcome. Well it sure looks great. Glad to see someone fixing one up. Part are hard to find, but that is the fun of a resto, I like to take junk and make some out of it.Have you been in army aviation. My last 15 years with the army was crewchief on hueys , blackhawks and 58delta Drop a line when you got time.


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Good luck.

Most parts, especially instruments, are servicable (to a point) and the Bell 206A+/OH-58 is still flying around the globe today.
Parts are in demand and some are very hard to find outside the “circle” of operators.

One of the first things done to a crashed Helo is to strip off everything usable.
Doors are prone to everyday damage and go fast.
Everyone wants to save money and the stripped parts, while not as expensive as brand new, hold their value very well.
Try buying parts for a B222/230 today. Insane.
Even the no longer serviceable items can be pricey depending on cool factor.

The things that have a hour timed life cycle, main and tail rotor blades for example, are destroyed when their replaced to prevent their resale.
It’s happened and caused several fatalities.

Data plates are drilled through or removed and holes punched in blades.
You get the idea.

I was very fortunate to get several intact and damage free complete Bell 206 tail rotors.
Was going to make a ceiling fan with them.

Best bet is to visit one of the civilian aviation junkyards.
The largest is outside of Phoenix I think. Not sure.
They deal mostly with airplanes but you might get lucky.
No I’m not talking about the Military aircraft boneyard.

Regardless, it’s not going to be cheap.
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