The 10kw gas genset runs!!!!!


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Well after tracking down tune up parts, burning up a starter, finding a starter and getting a spare, setting time close, and getting batteries and fuel hose it runs. at first the plugs on the front of the control panel were working after field charging the fields. now they dont work after switching the phase selector switch. but i am getting 48 volts from them and l1 so i think they are on the same phase. l2 and l3 provide 118-122 volts ac and lo as the neutral and my ground rods well all works well but im wondering if the l1 is being inhibited by dirty contacts on the selector switch inside the control panel. so i will look further into that. id post a picture but most of you have already seen way too many of these things. but i thought i burned up the engine the other day when running it because the time was still off so i adjusted it some by sound ect. and it seemed to load up on fuel and make bad sounds. i was thinking the pistons burned a hole in them but now back at the normal time it is supposed to be it runs very good. any takes on if i can clean the contacts or any more tune up info to get it set real good. oh and i adjusted the rpm to bring the hertz up to 59.5-60.5 i hope this was correct. Thank you to all who has helped.


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firefighterccfd711 said:
oh and i adjusted the rpm to bring the hertz up to 59.5-60.5 i hope this was correct.
Yeah, that's correct. You'll see the RPMs slow down as the load increases. So, if you adjusted for 60 Hz at no load, it'll bog down a few Hz at higher loads. So, you might fiddle with the governor settings some more later. If I remember right, there are two different adjustments on the governor that need to be adjusted right for it to regulate properly. Do you have the manuals for your generator?
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