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This week's auction cable -

Extreme Duty Jumper Cables made from used 2/0 AWG Welding Cable. Condition is used/excellent.

These are 17' . 2/0 AWG pure copper flexible welding cable was used to make them. The 800amp clamps have spring cable guides for kink resistance.

The lugs are built into the jaw and hydraulic crimped to the cable @ 16tons and then heat shrink applied.

You want copper and not aluminum for jumper cables. Aluminum is only 61% as conductive as copper. Aluminum is also not as thermally stable as copper. What this means is that aluminum cable will expand and contract and the connections will become gapped and arc. You'll find no aluminum in my cables.

There's three other companies' products I want you to compare these to -

The first is FJC. Their cables look good and claim to be commercial grade. They're actually copper plated aluminum according to their customer service. My pure copper ones are substantially better than theirs and intended to sell at roughly the same price point.

The second company is Polarwire. Polarwire makes truly outstanding cables. Mine are intended to be equal in quality to theirs but less expensive.

Associated Equipment also makes a good copper jumper cable. They make a 16' version using #1AWG and these same 800amp clamps and sell them for $280. You can get this thicker 2/0 cable 17' long for $225.

I have more in this set than in previously auctioned sets. For that reason I'm not going to start them at $0.01, although I will start them for less than I have in them.

Opening bid will be set @$150 or $250 buy it now.

It'll cost $26 to ship them CONUS.

Ebay item number 264758598003


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