Unimog wanted

Karl kostman

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Fargo ND
Hey guys I am a long time Unimog owner and have a newbie who would like to get into the game and is ready to buy! I am helping shop around to see whats out there today. We are looking for possibly a 404 but would prefer a step up from that to at least a diesel engine, it does not need a bed but needs to run good, be fully functional including diff locks, brakes etc. am not interested in any vehicle with to much rust. Please PM me with anything that you may be looking to sell that falls within my parameters!
Thanks much

Capt Pat

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Sandusky, Ohio
They don't run, have some rust but are original 404's, came from overseas service on a US military installation. Our organization looked at them for the owners, two sisters from California and they should be worth 800.00 each "as is", but somebody told them they could get more for them, so three years later they're still sitting outside Liberty Aviation Museum in Port Clinton, Ohio. (somebody who knows mogs could have them up and running easily. Good Luck with your search.


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Beaufort, sc
I have an FLU419 Unimog, it is a 1990. The last year they were made. It only had 88 miles on it when i bought from Gov Planet, and it had been refurbished in Albany GA.
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