View Full Version : New Hampshire registration and license questions, M923a2 built in 1990

06-15-2013, 22:13
It looks like based on age I should be able to register M923A2 as an "Antique" in New Hampshire (it's 23 years old and the cutoff is 20 in NH). I was told that in Mass you don't need a CDL to drive an Antique, even if it otherwise requires a CDL due to gross weight, air brakes, 3 axles and etc.


1. Can M923a2 be registered in New Hampshire as an antique?
2. Do I need a CDL to drive said Antique M923a2 in NH?

If the truck were 25 I'd just register it in Mass and as antique and drive it without CDL which is supposedly permitted in Mass. Unfortunately it's two years too young for it to be a MA antique.

I used to drive big trucks and was licensed to do so in another country. I did not convert my license when I moved to the US. I would prefer not to deal with the hassle of getting a CDL. Any suggestions are appreciated.

06-16-2013, 23:06
I know someone who recently registered an a2 in New Hampshire. I believe he said it had to be over 25 years old to reg as antique I think he just put regular personal vehicle tags on it and will switch to antique in a year. The vehicle weighs around 21000 pounds under fed law you are fine with no cdl as long as you are not using it commercially in any way and you never load it pass 26k. You have to read the statues in your state they are all confusing. You should be able to specify on the reg a gw under 26k. Find the statute definition of gross weight. In CT if you read the statutes one would believe you do need a cdl but when you read the definition of gw you see you don't. Legally in CT gross weight is the physical weight of the vehicle plus the physical weight of any cargo or trailer in tow. There is no fed statute regarding cdl for air brakes some states do have statutes here and there most of them only apply to commercial vehicles. I you have a cargo cover throw an air bed in the back and some camping gear tell them you want to register your camper truck. Campers are exempt from cdl statutes pretty much all over. Let me know how that works out.

06-17-2013, 22:14
Just got a 932A1 bobbed in mass looking for good new parts company to get all rubbers for cab seat accesories speedo cable any recomondations for parts suppliers thanks for any help Ed

06-17-2013, 22:31
Lots of dealers on here or post a list of what you need in the parts wanted section