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Dear Sir,
can you give me an advice regarding how I can change the voltaje from 208 V to 400 V.I have a MEP 806B genset.Inside the control box thare are 2 switch for frequency and voltaje. If I change the switch position on frequency on the display the frequency is changing .when I try to change the switch position on 416 V nothing is changing.Remain the same voltaje on display: 208v.
is this something you still neeed help with.. i have just now found this message and dont readily see a date, if you still need help i will be pleased to help.. mac/mc
I have a 86 m1009 changed all of the dash bulbs except for the top 2 bulbs for “wait” light and the other light I forgot, and I need the bulb for the voltage meter, all LED’s btw, does anyone know where I can find them?
search BA9S LED bulb, amazon or fleabay has em. Also you'll need to run incandescent bulbs in the gen lights or the alternators wont excite/charge. You could run resistors in series with the led bulbs but that's just another failure point
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So when you did your filter conversion and fabbed the new bracket.....plenty of clearance between the filter and the bolts securing the new filter head bracket to the original fuel filter bracket? Did you re-use the existing filter bolts to the original bracket?
Hello. Would you sell the 24 volt male connector separately? Thanks.
Please start a conversation with them instead of posting to their profile.
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