View Full Version : Looking for technical specs on M103A3 trailer

11-15-2007, 16:08
I'm working on a platform that is intended to be mounted to the M103A3 trailer. What I need is a blueprint of the trailer so I know the size and location of frame-rails, mounts..etc. I know the chassis drawing is 8358991, and the frame assy drawing is 7979967, and that the NSN for the trailer is 2330-01-141-8052. I have a few tech manuals, but nothing that gives me firm dimensions. Any ideas where I might find this info?

11-15-2007, 16:10
Try TACOM....

12-24-2012, 17:10
Would also like to find this info.

12-24-2012, 21:50
34 inches outside to outside on the width of the frame. OAL can differ a bit. Regular cargo trailer is shorter than a generator trailer by 13 inches. MKT is also a bit different but not as much as the generator trailer bed (at 123 inches). Get your own trailer and measure to your heart's delight! Because they don't work well with small vehicles, they generally go for a lot less than the M101 series.

12-24-2012, 21:57

12-24-2012, 22:45
Get your own trailer and measure to your heart's delight!
Have already measured and modeled the deck of my M103A3 trailer (http://www.trailslesstraveled.com/resources/cadlibrary/file/m103a3-trailer--custom-enclosure-v2/) (click the link to download CAD files). Was just wondering if there were any blueprints for the M103/5/whatever chassis available.