View Full Version : Need Assistance in Lumberton NC

08-31-2016, 09:19
I am in need of a 5 or 10kw generator in the Southeastern NC/Northeastern SC area.
I need to test out a piece of equipment by pluging a 208 3 phase 60hz generator into it.
What I am checking out is a S-788 shortened Command post shelter made to go into the bed of a hmmwv. The original generator for it is long gone and I just would like to check everything out on the shelter and make sure its all good.

I have no problems in paying to borrow a generator for this if need be.

Thank you!

08-31-2016, 09:33
Does it have to be a military generator?

08-31-2016, 09:46
No it does not. I just need it to be 208 3 phase and 5-10kw at 60 hz.
I can wire the shelter to it just like the original generator wired in. using L0, L1, L2, L3, GRD

08-31-2016, 10:00
Is there a rental place down there that would let you use one of theirs for a little bit. You could take the whole thing over there.

08-31-2016, 10:31
If whoever's generator I have is willing to let you hook it up, we could meet up, borrow it, and then get it back to me.

08-31-2016, 13:19
That would be awesome!