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10-29-2005, 01:03
Well Gang,
Got a call from the Auto Transport/Hauler guy who confirmed he's gonna load up my M-37 Saturday the 29th of October and it will start its trip to Tucson.
Can't wait for it to get here and I'll take pictures of it on the hauling truck when it arrives. THEN....plenty of liquid wrench, heat and airtools should get it apart....at least, that's the plan :mrgreen: ...we'll see what I'm up against soon. Things I know....it has a Chevy 350, unknown what's been done with tranny, driveshafts etc. No clutch (he couldn't get the mechanical linkage figured out on the conversion) brakes work, bed is rotted out, glass is okay, cab has rust thru several locations....Michigan beater, what can I say.
Next, the OTHER one starts down from Colorado....the fun never ends.
Gregg Horrell

red devils dude
10-29-2005, 08:21
cool good luck.