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09-17-2009, 16:41
Is anyone near New Mexico that might be able to pick up general freight from Albe. N.M. AFB and hold it for me until I can hook up transport to east coast? Palletized Box weighing approx 385lbs......

09-18-2009, 01:48
depending on what it is , as i have no indoor storage i could keep it on the back of a trailer till such time but winter is coming.

09-20-2009, 14:32
Would you be willing to P/U ? If so, what would you charge me? It is a tan steel box measuring 48" X 48" X 84" long. Weighs about 385lbs. Sides actually will fold in and the "box" would measure 8" tall X 48" X 84" long, when collapsed. I bought it to hold an MEP003 Gen Set that I plan to place atop of a slab of concrete. It would fit in an M105A2 no problem. Only question is, how would you load it onto a flat bed semi once I make arrangements? Manual Labor?
I have about 10 days until I have to have it removed. Still awaiting shipping bids.....Thanks for your interest in helping.
Pete 703.973.9864 cell

09-20-2009, 17:11
It would probably have to be manually done as i do not have a boom of sorts. Earl the gl guy is really nice and easy to work with he might allow you some more time if you need it. I am picking up a couple of deuces at the end of next week AT KIRTLAND you could put it in the back of one of them. Might be easier to slide it into a trailer from higher up. Kyle 505-263-6109 call me and let me know as you will have to fax in a pickuck authorization to allow me to do this. Please let me know. PS NO CHARGE TO PICK IT UP AND HOLD IT. MAY HAVE TO GET A LITTLE IF I HAVE TO TAKE IT TO TOWN TO A SHIPPING CO.

09-20-2009, 22:49
Thanks Kyle........I'll let you know. here is a picture......

10-02-2009, 00:20
I don't know is this helps but if needed you can drop it in El Paso at my place......I have a bobcat that can easily load/unload that thing with forks. For what its worth.