View Full Version : Ignition problems M38a1

05-28-2010, 23:57
My Jeep WAS running. I used a test light and I'm not getting any spark from the plugs when it turns over. But when I turn the ignition switch off after cranking the engine I do get a discharge from the plug wire. I'm not a mechanic, so I don't know if that is normal or what. I'm guessing the capacitor charges up, but it's not discharging to the plugs until I turn the engine off...

I checked the resistance of the coil for the heck of it, and its clocking in at 19+ Ohms, does anyone have the data on that? I cant seem to find it. Someone said "around 100" and that seems high...

Also, I'm looking at these civilian plug wires the last owner put on there, and the end that plugs into the distributor has no exposed electrical contact, just a dangly piece of insulation with no wire in it. Again, I'm no mechanic, is that just how those plugs work? I mean, the **** thing WAS running, so... I guess that's just how it works. haha.

Thanks for the help guys!

05-29-2010, 01:40
Check your points, sounds like they're not opening up.

The spark is created in the coil when the supply voltage is momentarily removed from the coil causing the electrical field to collapse. That is why you are seeing a spark when you shut off the ignition.