View Full Version : Uni-Mog up for auction in Fairbank Ak

10-05-2012, 02:13
I was looking at buying this but I think that I need to exercise discretion...unfortunately. So if anyone is interested check it out it is can be found by searching for Fairbanks auto auctions.

10-05-2012, 02:25
Please check out the site rules, direct links to auction sites or sales are no longer allowed.

10-05-2012, 02:28
LOL @ the M105? "Large military covered trailer"

Also, heads up, judging by some previous posts I have noticed, this may not be allowed?

10-05-2012, 02:30
My apologies, just was trying to give fellow members a heads up. I modified my original post and I browsed the rules, I believe that my post is ok now, please let me know if there is any problems and I will delete it or edit it as necessary.