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02-24-2007, 19:13

Feb 1967

It's that time again, the Airsoft Reenactors Group is hosting it's annual vietnam reenactment!
As always, we are in need and looking for Military Vehicles to attend. Any Period Vehicles are acceptable!
M38A1, M170, M37, M151, M274, M416, M422, trucks, tanks, artillery, etc

We need vehicles for static props around the Fire Base.
If you're up to it, you can even transport troops from "In country" to the FSB (over 2 miles of mild off-road terrain), or be involved in missions deploying troops, and extracting the wounded.

As the Team's Quatermaster, I can personally see to it that we can loan you any gear that you need to finish up your early vietnam impression. Also, I feed the team with T-rations and MREs which you'll most certainly be supplied with at no cost (if you so choose. some vets get sick of them, I know), room in my huge "G.P. Medium Tent" at the FSB, and from the club as a whole, compensation for fuel expenses. (which may or may not cover the whole bill)

Aditionally we have Richard Johnson coming up from San Diego with numberous PRC-77s, so you will have radio contact with the FSB and platoons throughout the weekend.

If you're interested in attending please email me: aaronhorrocks@gmail.com

Aaron Horrocks
Quartermaster & PR Officer
ARG - Airsoft Reenactors Group