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    m1078 conversion to brush fire truck

    I see this thread hasn't been updated in about 4 years. Just wondering if DLA is still allowing fire depts to get these trucks... I'm in CO and our state wildlife group is building them up, but we don't qualify to get one through them because we already have two M1008's. Wondering if we can...
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    Another way to lower an M1101/M1102

    FWIW, the surge brakes on my trailers don't seem to do much in reverse... I believe they are designed so you don't need to lock them out to back up. With the lift and tires you are proposing, you may not need to drop the hitch at all... Sounds like a fun project!! Sent from my ADR1776 using...
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    Another way to lower an M1101/M1102

    Electric brakes are no problem for occasional fresh water crossings. If you're live in the rust belt the pivot pin for the magnet arm will seize eventually though... FYI, electric trailer brakes do not work in reverse, so no better than surge brakes in that respect. Both my trailers have surge...
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    How does the m1078 4x4 work?

    Ok, I see what you're saying, but now you only have it working on the rear axle, and it seems like it would be difficult to modulate the bleed off and re-apply pressure with valving. Using the brake pedal to apply pressure like it's supposed to seems easier to me, but it would certainly...
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    How does the m1078 4x4 work?

    Good luck "bleeding" the parking brake... It's a spring, not air pressure that applies the parking brakes. What you need is to keep air from getting to the stopped wheels so you can apply the foot brake till you're moving... Or till the stopped wheels spin, and you're still stuck. That way...
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    LMTV Recovery, Denver to Reno this week 3/17-3/20

    Wow, thanks for the quick reply!!! That does look nice! Looks like the bed is only 1.5' or so longer than a standard 1078 bed. Ticket in the burb makes more sense. :)
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    LMTV Recovery, Denver to Reno this week 3/17-3/20

    I thought top speed for M1078s was 55... Yours must have higher gears installed... ?? I assume your ticket was in a small town, since the speed limit on highways is at or close enough to your top speed. Some small town cops are not so friendly to trucks blasting through w/o slowing...
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    Another way to lower an M1101/M1102

    After towing my trailers with pintle hitches, vs the trailers I have with ball hitches, I'll take the pintle every time. I only notice any "clunking" from the hitch on the tightest turns when backing, or when the trailer is totally empty going over rougher terrain, and even then, it's not bad...
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    M1101/02 trailers: I need to change the wheels and need the exact size

    Just curious, but in what situation do you not want the surge brakes? I converted an M1101 into a brush fire trailer with a 200 gallon water tank and a pump and hose reel... The surge brakes were really smoothly, with no detectable banging or clunking or "surging". So far as I can tell...
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    Full time 6x6 question

    Dang it... Sucked into an old thread.... Sent from my C811 4G using Tapatalk
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    Full time 6x6 question

    Oops, I missed where he was using the FMTV drive line... If that's the case, the dilemma is solved... In normal mode the tcase will allow front/rear speed difference, and when locked, the speeds will be forced to match. Just get the ratios close and it'll be fine... Or prevent it from ever...
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    Full time 6x6 question

    FWIW, if you can get under 5% ratio difference front to rear, you'll be fine on softer surfaces, and there is no reason to have the front engaged on hard surfaces anyway. Any traditional T-case with 2wd/4wd/N/Low range will work fine at that point. If you can't match the ratios that well...
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    taming the beast - making it more liveable

    I'm sure there are cheaper ways to go about it, but Rugged Radios has some good setups... I think something like this would be pretty slick. You can plug in a radio, or your phone, and can connect...
  14. 1stDeuce

    Talk to me about getting an M1078...

    Thanks, but no. I had a Deuce, and while it was a fun truck, it was a beast to drive, so I want something nicer for the next one. In the short term, I just bought a '81 GMC 7000 that's in great shape, and comes with a spare rebuilt 366. I'm putting a 14' 5-ton bed on it that I found...
  15. 1stDeuce

    M925 dump conversion

    Nice work!! I must have missed it... You have a two spool valve to run one double acting cylinder? Are the spools one direction only, so one knob is raise, and the other lower?
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