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  1. 86m1028

    M916 6x6 heights

    Can’t help with measurements, mines on 16:00x20s. Also remember to remove your exhaust stack.
  2. 86m1028

    Receiver Hitch Mount

    I will have to look for the part #. No, you will have to modify the d ring mounts to keep them.
  3. 86m1028

    Putting the M936A2 to Work

    Ive used mine to load a 40 footer
  4. 86m1028

    Allison Automatic on 5 ton M923A2

    From what I understand the answer is NO.
  5. 86m1028

    M939 winch install (Pics & Video)

    Great write up !!! I would like to add a few things I have learned. This is firsthand experience not guessing not what I thought fit or didn’t. My “experience” is as follows Removed complete setup from an AM General m925a1 Installed most of this “kit” onto a bmy 923a2 Removed all of this from...
  6. 86m1028

    Big hello from DFW, Texas!

    Not mine. I have an m923 (sold waiting on pickup) an m936 that seldom sees the road & a few cucv’s
  7. 86m1028

    CUCV Snow Plow Trucks and Spreaders

    Wow, some good money in parts going to waste right there.
  8. 86m1028

    Solenode on side of the Allison, what is it for ?

    Sandcobra164 I pmed you. To the others, I removed the park brake.
  9. 86m1028

    Solenode on side of the Allison, what is it for ?

    That is what I think it is, trying to rule everything else out.
  10. 86m1028

    Solenode on side of the Allison, what is it for ?

    Yes, I did. It made no change.
  11. 86m1028

    headers on m1008 w/ 454 advise

    Your good to go without the pinion snubber.
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