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    Just picked up an MEP-803a

    It sounds like perhaps you did do OK. I did a couple of 016's that were a mess and both of them are fine now. Just work through it one issue at at time and hopefully you'll have a sweet genset in the end.
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    003A Just Chugging Down

    LOL, I thought about building an insulated shed to house that thing.
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    MEP 003 Hard To Start

    Very interesting. You're never too old to learn something new. Thanks!
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    diagnosing alternator output mep-803

    I've never had to remove the slip rings. I can imagine it would be easy to damage those while removing them.
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    MEP-016P Tripping DC Control Circuit Breaker

    Hi Redah, I have a 016B that I just resolved many issues, one of which was the same as your's. The low fuel float switch was causing my circuit breaker to trip. I also had problems with the fuel cut off solenoid not pulling in and allowing the governor to work. After reverse engineering...
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    003A Just Chugging Down

    That's pretty awesome! Some people say the 002's and 003's are too loud, but I'm going to add a muffler to mine. Sounds like you were smart in planning and had your act together.
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    Why cant I use a 12V charger on the MEP's?

    My 016B's alternator didn't put out enough voltage to charge the batteries. I didn't want to tear it down to replace diodes, so I added two cheap Schaumacher automatic chargers to it. They switch from 6 amps full charge to trickle to maintain. I hard wired them in and plug them into the...
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    diagnosing alternator output mep-803

    It looks like the electronics for it are cheap enough. I see the bearing on the back side is behind the slip rings. Have you every changed the bearings? It looks like that could be a bit of a challenge if you had a bad bearing as well.
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    MEP 003 Hard To Start

    I haven't gotten my 002A running yet. I still have to repair the IP on that one, but my 016B won't start without a good bit of preheat. My 016D with the little Yanmar engine fires right up, no problem with or without preheat. I believe It must be the old Onan engines that need a lot of...
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    MEP-803A frequency cable

    I saw replacements for these on McMaster-Carr website when I was looking for parts for my 016b.
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    Helping silly friends....

    Haa, isn't that funny. I got an eagle can off ebay and found a guy that makes reproduction spouts. That was the best can ever made that would last forever, except for the spouts. LOL
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    MEP-802A CR1 Diode Replacement Questions

    Can't beat the price and they are in the US too! That's better than making a trip to Fryes!
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    Fair price for a MEP-803A?

    Why do you want such a huge high output heavy generator in an RV? It seems you'd be better off getting a ONAN off craigslist that is designed for an RV. I would suspect that your friend who did a similar conversion already had all the parts and materials to do the finish the project with...
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    My MEP003a story and Hertz issue

    Wow, it sounds like your 003 was in a similar condition to my 016B that I recently finished repairing. That thing was loaded with extra gifts but I whipped it into submission! Good Job, hang in there. It sounds like you're getting close to getting yours back 100% too.
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    mep 004 mechanical governing system

    DieselAddict has a good suggestion. I've read where some guys with larger generator have had restrictions in the exhaust due to "wet stacking". After cleaning that out and burning out the residue, the generator performs well under full load or even 125% capacity.
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