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    CUCV Cooling System Upgrade Kit

    I am Derrek. Not to be too confusing but we also have a Joe in the shop :). If you want to place the order online just add a note and we can add the gaskets. They are NOT expensive. We will just invoice you the difference that you can pay with a click.
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    New Supercharged and Intercooled HMMWV kits!

    Just a little update. We are looking at several months before the superchargers are available in enough numbers to offer these kits. The intercooler cores are also a bit of an issue but we have some stock on those (enough to open some sales). The rest is under our direct control with our own...
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    New Supercharged and Intercooled HMMWV kits!

    Thanks all for your continued interest. These are now targeted for the end of the 1st quarter (March). We are still dealing with a lot of supply issues and labor issues. There is a lot of development time going into these to make them a true bolt-on system with everything needed being supplied...
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    Converting your CUCV into a High MPG power diesel! (and solving emissions)

    As an option to our cooling balance kits we offer fuel preheating. This is not preheating to 700deg like being discussed but from ambient to 200-220deg which is normally wasted energy to the atmosphere. This is critical in WVO and B100 applications in order to reduce the viscosity of the fuel...
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    New Supercharged and Intercooled HMMWV kits!

    It is coming but supply issues are killing us right now. Just nothing is easy right now. We are making progress, just slow.
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    CUCV M1009 temperature gauge

    As mentioned, yes the CUCV and Civilian 6.2 Paradox by Design Cooling upgrade kit has an extra port that can be used for a temp sensor. We also have an gauge adapter that can be plumbed into any of our kits which adds a port for use with a temp sensor. The only downside of using the included...
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    New parts for our CUCV kits!

    We will be here! Thanks!
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    6.2 diesel coolant in oil

    99% of the time the heads crack around the #7 or #8 cylinders and the same goes for the head gaskets, cylinders, lower end issues etc. These engines run 50deg-60deg hotter at the back of the engine vs the front. So spend your time searching there. When you get this fixed look at putting a...
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    New Supercharged and Intercooled HMMWV kits!

    Trust me, we looked long and hard. The only better option than what we use was a custom fitting which just tooling up for was cost prohibitive in the volume we sell.
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    New Supercharged and Intercooled HMMWV kits!

    You are not wrong. We make many of the parts in our kits but not all of them. Since the 'T' is only used in the the HMMWV kit and none of the others it was decided not to invest in a one off piece and use existing military grade fittings. This of course means there are some limitations on the...
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    New Supercharged and Intercooled HMMWV kits!

    From time to time we do offer Steel Soldiers only discounts. Right now we are working to keep prices from going up despite raw materials being 30%-50% higher and harder to come by. I don't see any discounts anytime soon with the current climate.
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    New Supercharged and Intercooled HMMWV kits!

    Paradox by Design is nearing completion on our supercharger kits for HMMWVs. We are developing this in conjunction with the supercharger manufacturer in order to balance the performance needs and maintain absolute reliability all the while. These are modern positive displacement superchargers...
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    New parts for our CUCV kits!

    As we have continued selling our CUCV and Civilian 6.2 Chevy/GMC cooling upgrade kits we have started to see some supply issues. The most obvious shortage is with rear sensor plates. We have used the same plate that came from GM and GEP that has the opening for the rear sensor. GM ran out and so...
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    BAE Heater Blower System

    If you get a good deal on a used one and the motor is shot you can get that part easily but the fan housing is what you are missing.
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