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    diesel fuel pump

    I have a yannmar powered 1 1/2'' fuel pump that leaks the fuel its pumping. It has a mechanical seal, the faces are good, not chipped or worn. However the spring that applies pressure to the halves is cocked. Is this normal? When assembled the faces do flatten against each other. Its a Scott...
  2. andyindy

    2015 5/15-17 Findlay Ohio Buy, Sell, Trade, Wanted

    Still looking for a running LDS.
  3. andyindy

    2014 Findlay Ohio buy/sell/trade thread

    Still needing chuck jaws and some of the mount/ demount tools for a Bishman 931A tire changer. Thanks, Andy.
  4. andyindy

    M51A2 repower w/ DT466

    Multi knocking in lower end, like it but looking for something more dependable. Found a Jasper rebuild DT466 w 20k on it for cheap. 190 hp version, inline pump, all mechanical. Had one in a single axle dump, was a great engine. Also running ''special blend'' fuel in a d436 IH tractor engine w/...
  5. andyindy

    M51A2 down

    will do! Thnx
  6. andyindy

    M51A2 down

    Just getting ready to put on some new used tires I just got from Bobr yesterday,took her out for a spin first, and lost the engine. Bad knock in the lower end,oil pressure normal, no oil in water, no water in oil, not getting hot, engine not missing at all. Restarts as normal. Was a GSA...
  7. andyindy

    Salt to dewater wmo?

    Thanks, I'll try the gas, what about ethanol blends? With or without?
  8. andyindy

    Salt to dewater wmo?

    I have heard of this but has anyone here actually done this? I have a tote that I collect all the WMO drainings from my settling tote in and it looks like an emulsion. If I can get the water out, I think this would again be useable fuel. Also if it would work I would use this as an integral...
  9. andyindy

    M4 high speed tractor info/pics needed

    The M4 was built from 1942 to 1960. Rated to pull 18k to 30k,powered by a Waukesha 6 cyl gas rated at 210 hp. Top speed of 35 mph and a range of 180 miles. Could carry a crew of 10 men in the compartment in addition to the driver. Fitted with a 50 cal ring mount above crew compartment. This is...
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    Findlay 2013 Armed Forced Day Buy/Sell/Trade Thread

    Looking for a manual for a porter military steam cleaner, needing the electrical schematics. Prefer hard copy. Also reasonably priced Wastegate turbo for M51 A2. Rear accessory drive for a winch equipped Deuce. Thanks, Andy
  11. andyindy

    Head gasket replacement tips and tricks.

    I replaced both head gaskets about a year and a half ago, had the heads planed and used the new style head gaskets. Now one has blown again, I was wondering if new studs for the heads might help, and where to get them? I realise the next step is to have the block decked or find another engine...
  12. andyindy

    Cleaning out a fuel tank, any ideas.

    I once cleaned up an odd sized farm tractor tank by putting BB's and a small amount of diesel in it. I then strapped it to a tractor rear wheel, jacked it up and run it forward and then in reverse. Ran it at least an hour,cleaned it right up. Used about 1/2 pint of BB's, something a little...
  13. andyindy

    New guy from Indiana

    Welcome fellow Hoosier!!! I too have a M51 A2 dump, rugged truck! If you are like a lot of us here, it is impossible to have just one MV. I'm afraid you've done been bit by the green bug.;) Off to work,catch ya later, Andy......
  14. andyindy

    porter cleaner

    Got it, thats the one! THANKS, Andy....
  15. andyindy

    porter cleaner

    No TM# on it. 5 data plates, all appear to be there. There is a FSCM# OBGA6, but have no idea what this is. Tm on trailer frame is TM9- 2330-202-148p, but probably for trailer? 8 relays, 3 timers, a contactor, at least 2 trsnsformers,and some switches all in control panel. I think a diagram is...
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