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    Spare tire under trailer?

    Looks very similar to mine. I put a ratchet strap on mine as well just in case the winch cablel fails or something goes wrong. Very nice job with the custom work!
  2. antennaclimber

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    Looks great Albert!
  3. antennaclimber

    Spare tire under trailer?

    Yes, put a light 3rd coat on.
  4. antennaclimber

    Spare tire under trailer?

    Looking good!
  5. antennaclimber

    OR Miscellaneous 1028 parts

    As per the site rules, you need to list an asking price on items for sale.
  6. antennaclimber

    WTB: M1010

    I have one in PA that I may be willing to sell. PM me your email and I will send pictures.
  7. antennaclimber

    Other MVPA discount with Hagerty

    I just renewed my Hagerty policy and it had the MVPA discount on it as well.
  8. antennaclimber

    Passenger side fuel tank installation

    That's why I added a second tank. I wanted to have more fuel utilizing the empty space under the bed. No fuel cans for someone to see and possibly steal. The downside is that you need to fill up twice, once on the left and once on the right when both tanks need filled.
  9. antennaclimber

    Passenger side fuel tank installation

    I do not remember what brand it was, I think I bought it at Pep Boys some time ago and simply used what I had on hand at the time . It's not fast but it does do the job, I simply run it for a few minutes and just keep transferring fuel from time to time as I drive down the road. It most likely...
  10. antennaclimber

    Passenger side fuel tank installation

    I added a passenger side tank to my M1008. Most of the parts came from LMC and worked well. I added an electric fuel pump to transfer the fuel from right to left tank and added a second fuel gauge for monitoring the right side tank. Also kept the return line from the IP to the drivers side...
  11. antennaclimber

    Identification help??

    Hillbilly Wizard has new GP cards available. New Glow Plug Cards
  12. antennaclimber

    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    Changed out the glow plug relay. Might try to replace the power steering box this weekend.
  13. antennaclimber

    New member from Hanover PA

    Welcome from Centre County!
  14. antennaclimber

    Radiator Questions

    This what I used on my M1008.
  15. antennaclimber

    Radiator Questions

    My M1008 has a plastic/aluminum one from Auto Zone. It has more than 6,000 miles on it under some extreme working conditions, so far it has been good.
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