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    GLOW PLUG nightmare !

    Thank you for the kind words and the update that your truck is now working properly. I will pass along your compliments to all involved with the cards.
  2. antennaclimber

    Low Idle

    I have used Oregon Fuel Injection for pumps and injectors. OFI 6.2 Injectors
  3. antennaclimber

    What did you do to your M939 today?

    Installed 4 new 6TL batteries today. 2 of the 4 batteries would not pass a load test. Cleaned the connections and now she starts with ease.
  4. antennaclimber

    M1008 Instrument Lights and Volt Gauge?

    Check fuse #13 and #16 CUCV Fuse Box
  5. antennaclimber

    M923 power steering belt size?

    Title edited, removed HELP.
  6. antennaclimber

    6.2 on its way out?

    Try Oregon Fuel Injection. I have purchased a few pumps from them with great results.
  7. antennaclimber

    First MV arriving tomorrow! 1970 AM General M35A2

    Congratulations! The Deuce forum has tons of information on your new vehicle. Searching and reading will be your best friend for learning all about your M35A2.
  8. antennaclimber

    GA M43 needs to be rescued

    As per the site rules, please list your asking price.
  9. antennaclimber

    Anyone Use Inline Tube Brake Line Kit?

    Mike, Thanks for bringing up the question on Inline Tube. I forgot all about them. I have seen good reviews from users of their products. I will have another CUCV rebuild coming up soon, so I will revisit the web site and see what they may have available for my truck.
  10. antennaclimber

    Anyone Use Inline Tube Brake Line Kit?

    It would have been in the last 2 years. So things may have changed. But it was surprising that they do not have a cross reference for OEM numbers. It looks like they may have added many items since then.
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    Anyone Use Inline Tube Brake Line Kit?

    I called Inline tube to purchase brake lines and they flat out told me "They did not make any brake parts for any vehicle over 3/4 ton". I asked them if they could cross reference a Chevy P/N to Inline part number, and again the answer was no. "They have no way to look up a mfg P/N to see if...
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    MEP-004A and M200A1 Step Jacks

    Moved to generator forum.
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    Thank you to Lamar Rowland

    I have been on 3 MVPA Convoys with Lamar. He is a great guy and always fun to be around.
  14. antennaclimber

    GLOW PLUG nightmare !

    I do not remember the zener diode number or value. But I suspect there are more issues with the card than the zener. You can test the GP's while still in the engine, remove the green wire from the tab and check the resistance from the tab to a good ground connection. Keeping the batteries on...
  15. antennaclimber

    GLOW PLUG nightmare !

    Sounds like your card has failed in a way that has latched the relay to ground. It would be best to get a new card and I would stop using a booster. My shop has seen several two way radios damaged from capacitive discharge type boosters. I would recommend using regular jumper cables from another...
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