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    M818 Year and Make help

    Oh okay, very interesting, thank you for your wisdom! Now I've got 2 M939's I could use confirmation on the years for, I can start a new thread if preferred. (Don't have the plate photo in front of me anymore but can get it if more info is needed) AM General M927A1 2320-01-206-4089 ID No...
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    M818 Year and Make help

    Awesome that's a ton of help, thanks!
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    M818 Year and Make help

    I've got 3 M818's that came in and having trouble nailing down their rough year, and one's make. #1 is listed as Truck, Tractor, 5 Ton 6x6, XM818 WO/W Fed. Stock No. 2320-050-8984 Ord. Service No. 8736863 Mfd. By: Kaiser - Jeep Corp. ID No. 05B-24170-C124-10720 Cont. No. DAAE06-69-C-0009 From...
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    Deciphering M939-series Serial Numbers

    Got a M928A1 I'm trying to figure out too, that ones missing it's ID plate but vin is C528-00320 trying to get the year on this too. All I've got is the closure tag stamped 1/92. Thanks!
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